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I am no real friend of this update, for me it is bad for the diversity of the game. As non power 0.0 player who enjoys from time to time a holiday in high sec , its a disaster. I have a lot of stuff in 0.0, and all the stuff i don´t need + all the backup ships if we loos 0.0 space, but from time to time i have to work for a project and can´t play . If you go for work and have bad luck when you come back all your stuff is lost.
Same thing with the mission Hubs. From time to time i enjoy it to run Missions, for one or 2 days before i go back to 0.0. In the old times it was easy, you park your stuff in the Mission hub install a jump clone and jump to it. For example i have in this Hub a lot of shiny stuff collected over the years only for fun but this is all useless now, because you don´t know if you can use the tomorrow or you loose evereything if you come online to late. This takes a lot of options for me and means i have to focus on one thing cash all out and stay only in 0.0. This event is not really a benefit for me it causes only stress for me atm and i haul most of me free time than enjoying the game. If the changes would be temporary this would be ok, but not like this. What do you think about this changes ?

Wall of text much?

Don’t leave anything you don’t want to lose in a structure. Keep it in an NPC station.

This is exactly my problem, with this update you have absolutely no option where you can park your stuff when you go for example for a holiday or work on a project. This makes sense if you are unemployed power player without a family, hobby’s and fiends. But for me it collides with my rl

Park all your stuff in Jita. Jita will never be invaded by Trigs…

For the 0.0 backup it is a option

Big wall of text hurts my eyes. I’m not reading that

I’m guessing you don’t like the update for some reason.
Not everyone will be happy with the content. But there are many that are happy with it.

If you guys thinks that’s a wall of text, then you don’t know or remember the days of olde when people were actually excited for this game - or for online games generally. That’s no wall of text. It’s an introductory paragraph.

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