[Triglavian Invasion] Skarkon enters Stellar Reconnaissance, low-security brawl sees capital ships deployed

The system of Skarkon - Molden Heath has entered Stellar Reconnaissance. This system holds significance for both strategic and RP reasons.

If EDENCOM gain a foothold in this system, cyno-jammers will disrupt the jump network between low-security Minmatar space and the null-security region of Etherium Reach.

If the Triglavian Collective brings the system to Liminality it will be the first Liminal system in Minmatar space.

This system has also been the site of recent RP events as well many large-scale brawls over the years.

Capital escalation has already occurred with several dreadnoughts and carriers being destroyed by the participants as well as 3rd parties to this conflict.

This is shaping up to be the most contested system since the fall of Niarja in early August.

I guess this is really bad?

Not really it’s Minmatar space, it’s like reporting crime in Detroit.


ahh I see :wink:

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About as interesting as reading the BBC website.

@Random_Rick For now, just make sure you don’t go through a Trig gate by accident. I’m glad to see your still active in the forums. :smiley:

Detroilet. :laughing:

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now I am really into the game, exploring different things I can do.

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