Triglavian Leshak Caught With Crew Aboard - Fish In The Net

Today in Auviken was the first time that a Leshak was captured intact with the pilot and crew aboard.

The Leshak became entangled in the Raitaru’s grid field while performing a warp out. Becoming entangled meant that the ship, left behind by the rest of the fleet, could not cancel its warp or it would otherwise have been destroyed by local Capsuleer fleets. Nor could we lock the Leshak up.

After numerous attempts at trying too bump the Leshak away from the station myself and other Triglavian Defense ships in system gave up trying to free the Leshak

Hopefully by morning the station defense forces will have containment fields established around the Triglavian battle ship to keep it from causing any damage if the pilot and crew decide to self destruct to keep from being captured.

It will take Capsuleer based Triglavian science teams far too long to travel to the Pator Dynamics Raitaru in Auviken to conduct any real analysis on the inside of the captured ship and its crew unfortunately as it will be gone when the station cycles its grid harmonics automatically allowing it warp away.

We we’re that close to capturing the first Triglavian.


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