Triglavian minor victory system: getting my stuff out

Hi All,
I got some stuff in a system which is a triglavian minor victory system. I have read horror stories about ships being blown up after leaving the station. How bad is it for me to undock my transporter and warp to the next gate? are my assets stuck there?

How’s it fitted?

just a regular Viator with cargo expanders. why?

so will they attack me on undock?

would probably be better to have istabs on it i would say, that way you move quicker… another option is to go into pochven and shoot drones to get a .001 standings with trigs so they won’t touch you anywhere.

probably if you want to let someone else move it, pushX could move it.

I get trig standing will this not mean I get in trouble with edencom?

they changed it so when you shoot drones you get standings with both now.

thanks. found this guide Getting positive Triglavian and EDENCOM standings - EVE University Wiki seems easy. will do

Get into your corvette and make insta undock bookmark. also, they don’t camp stations all the time so just wait for your opportunity

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