Triglavian ship stacking damage


can someone explain is there a point to use damage booster on triglavian ship (my case Ikitursa for PVE)? Does booster helps to stack more damage? For example I have 366 dps starting damage without booster and 384 with 5% booster. But if this booster affects only starting damage I see no point to use it, instead I will better use tank booster, because I will get these 384 in DPS in few seconds anyway, without booster. I know, that maximum damage will be bigger, but I will not reach it by shooting rats, I only care about fast stacking.
Thank you

Frankly, I had to look up what ship you are talking about: Ikitursa
Typical Newbro PvE ship, LOL… If you can afford that ship, a 2m ISK booster is not expensive.

Of course the booster affects the starting damage, but I’m pretty sure it also stacks the increasing damage allocation. Gonna test in a Damavik.

Short answer: There’s no point for using damage boosters for PvE (of the difficult you are currently going through).

Longer answer: The only ones I can think of are Tank boosters (Hardshell and Exile/Blue) for high tier PvE like Abyssal T5s and T6s, or 10/10 DED sites as a safety net in case something goes bad. If you’re doing anything lower than those, boosters are a waste.

Well, it boosts the damage of every shot you take, which will increase your cumulative damage. But you’re right, it wont increase how fast you spool. However, gunnery implants (RF-903 or RF-905) will.

You can also make abyssal damage mods relatively cheaply. Trig related damage mods and mutaplasmids are more expensive than empire equivalents, but it’s still a lot cheaper than buying faction entropic radiation sinks. T2 Damage Mod + Decayed mutaplasmids provide the cheapest option, and can theoretically give you the same damage as a faction mod (of course, that requires a perfect roll). T2 Damage Mod + Gravid can be a little pricey, but is still reasonable, and can actually result in mods that are more powerful than faction. Anyway, use buy orders and sell off unnecessary god rolls to keep your costs down. For example, if have spare CPU, you don’t need the ones with all green stats and amazing CPU. You can sell those off, and use the ones with crappy CPU, but good damage and ROF.

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