Triglavian ships for Nullsec Ratting

Yes, title explains, looking for a fit like that

I can’t say it’s really worth it? Trig ammo is exponentially more expensive than any other type. Each single shot is worth a mountain of ammo for any other gun. And if you used Lasers in particular, you’d only have to buy 1 crystal per gun and you’d be good forever. Besides, most null ratting is done by drone boats b/c they’re even easier to manage than infinite ammo lasers. And the drones on Trig boats don’t have any bonuses at all.

Dominix with tachyons and sentry drones - you are even better forever :wink:
But still no other ship will beat rattlesnake in terms of cost / time spend in space. The greates benefit of Leshak is that you can kill some bosses alone, without capital ship or need to refit. Like boss in angel 9/10 escalation. And you can also move while you shooting instant damage. Rattlesnake has to wait till missiles hit and if you use sentry drones like I often do, you have to sit still, whoch make you easier to takle by some random afk cloaker…

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no. both costs are linear with the usage.

define worth.

one leshak with 3 radiation sinks using occult is 7700 isk for 3.5k damage before spool, so ratio hp/isk = 0.45

A core baron has less than 18k ehp (omni damage) so that means at most 18k/0.45 <40k isk to kill it. The bounty is 300k isk so a loss of 8% of the reward

For this specific rat, if the leshak deals 9% more DPS than a fit that costs 0 isk per rat, then it’s still more interesting to play the leshak than the other fit.(in terms of isk/h)

Of course it’s best to have real data. that includes rats capacity to avoid shots, your drones dealing some damage ot the frig rats. But most likely the enormous DPS of the leshak makes up for its ammo consumption. unless you don’t have access to a JF who can bring your ammos straight from jita.

I know people will cry “isk / h is not interesting” but again, define what is and what is not interesting when you ask a question, as the answer depends on the way you formulate your question.

As someone that does L4s in a Leshak regularly the issue typically comes from your ability to hit the targets not your DPS. Granted, I’ve never Null ratted so I don’t know what variety of targets you face out there, but if a destroyer or frig is under 20k you typically will have to depend on drones to get the kill. Since a Leshak isn’t bonused for drones I stockpile cheap T1 fodder drones since it can hold 50 in bay. The perk that’s often overlooked is fitting 4 salvagers in your spare highs to negate the need for a salvage alt.

Isk per hour, there are far better choices. Enjoyment per hour, that is preference.

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