Triglavian Ships, Modules, Ammo and Skills available on Singularity

Will we be receiving any unallocated skillpoints or similar to allow us to test these without waiting several days/weeks to train them up? (If this has already been done, then disregard, I won’t be able to get on the test server to check until this evening.)

extract some skill points and spend them on the new modules :stuck_out_tongue: Nvm extracters have been removed from market so yea lets train for a few weeks.

Discussing internally what we want to do. We will work something out.

Think CCP should wait a few days, so they can get some base level testing.

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Skilling for the cruiser right now. Doesn´t take that long…

Linking a thread I started with some suggestions for the naming scheme and colors for icons behind a lot of this - I’ll be updating it with more later on, as well:


The large and medium disintegraters use the same base PG as the ships, is that intended?

how affordable are these ships and modules intended to be?


The ships look very nice + the stats are workable (simulated the cruiser and battleship but used the frig in PVP and fought someone that was in the battleship).

  • Tight on power grid that makes fitting mods in the extra high slots hard if you have gun + plate as there is no option to use a lower turret type (as in there are 4 types of T2 blaster but only 1 type of T2 disintegrator)
  • Provided the stuff is in range the DPS is nice on the ships with its high application in comparison to other turrets

Would ask for another med slot on the frig to give it the ability to fit: prop mod, web and tackle so that it has more control over range as that’s a massive weakness for this weapon system as it has to brawl

Probably in the billions, at least for the first week.

When you mutate using those new modules you can lower fitting cost of modules which It seems is intended for fitting these ships.

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Pardon the potentially stupid question, but I can’t seem to find any of these things on the market, including all the skills. Is there a different place I should be looking, other than the market?

@chaosjj They are classed as non empire/grouped as pirate on sisi (so the main cost will be the BPC + normal ore costs)

@Makshima_Shogo You can’t mutate the guns

@Matthius_Carole ts on the test server, on the launcher click the server name “tranquillity” it brings down a drop down menu then select “singularity” aka sisi to log into the test server

@niters_rocks Thanks for the response. I’m actually unable to see this stuff on sisi. That is to say, the the placeholder for the ships/modules/skills are there, but there are no sell orders. (i did see one buy order). I’m on a mac at the moment, if that has any significance.

@Matthius_Carole They’re only for sale in 6-CZ49, the main testing area - actually in the whole region I think

@Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci Gotcha, I’m on board then. See you guys in 6-CZ49.

Suggestion @CCP_Claymore - currently, the ships unfold as soon as you start shooting, making them go back and forth constantly when engaging with multiple targets - I’d instead suggest they only unfold once they hit max chargeup.


I am so curious what their bonuses will be when they are finished. Please consider lowering the powergrid requirement for the precursor guns a little, so they can fit logi or smartbombs.

I’m curious too, would love bonus’s to utility high slot’s, smart bomb bonus would rock :smiley:

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Fitted the cruiser.

Are the ship-boni already applied?

Powergrid seems indeed to be a bit tight. If I want to fit three neuts I have to use all rigs for PG-mods. Oversized AB was almost impossible if didn`t put a PDS in low slot.

I have the skills to V (except specialisation, which is IV) and get 227,4 dps with tech II range ammo and 2 damage mods + surgical strike V implant. If the ship-bonus is still missing, the damage goes up to ~280. This would be quite good. If not then the max damage will only be slightly higher then in a equally equiped Phantasm with scorch pulse.

Will there be rigs giving bonuses to the new weapon systems?