Triglavians in Lonetrek

Dropped into Lonetrek a couple of days ago for the first time since the invasion.

What a mess! Triglavians control Nonni and Litiura, cutting off the entire western end of the region. That also cuts off the main approach to Aunenen; I wonder if the pirates there have anything to do these days.

Getting to northwestern Lonetrek in a cargo ship was always an adventure. Now it’s basically impossible unless you’re in a blockade runner.

Elsewhere, Ossa is Triglavian as well, trapping three high-sec systems behind it. And so is Piekura, an active system that is also a travel hub of sorts.

Of all the regions I’ve been to since the invasion began, Lonetrek looks like it got the worst of it.


So now it’s living up to it’s name… Lonetrek. :wink:


Well, some might argue that Amarr got the worst of it due to Niarja falling, but point taken.

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Came back to the game after a hiatus only to find that my main system (Ossa) where basically all my stuff is now a 24/7 gatecamped system, with hostiles at every single station…in what USED TO high sec.

How am I supposed to move/even access my assets now? My indy char I have there with blueprints, slow haulers, miners and orcas can basically not play anymore short of just sitting in station making copies that I won’t be able to use for anything…

I guess I could try to get out of the system and work on getting neutral with the Trigs, but that will make my then hostile with Edencom, no? All in all, not very fun…

Do not come far in being positive to trigs. Then it will be easy to switch sides again when you extract stuff. Extracting is a lot easier than bringing stuff to the final lim system, if you are positive to trigs.

Ccp gives blueprints copies out now for login rewards.

You can still move around of it, it’s just take longer

Niarja falling was a big deal, being the main bottleneck on the direct run between Amarr and Jita. But at least there is still a high-sec route between the two (45 jumps, yes, but…). There is now no high-sec path between Jita and western Lonetrek.

I haven’t checked it out, but I think this also cuts off all of Black Rise from Jita.

You should probably get your stuff out ASAP. It will take some time and effort, but it’s not impossible. Check out this link for more information. If you have any questions, ask.

Ossa’s a minor victory so he’ll be fine. Obviously the rats in the system will be a pain but the minor victories aren’t getting sucked in to the abyss, only the final liminality systems are.

That warning was about liminal systems, Ossa wasn’t a liminal candidate

Ah, I just assumed he was another person complaining about being trapped in a final liminality system. Should have checked.

Still, those tips will help him move.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that the trig rats sort of “rotate” between camping stations and gates. Sometimes even some brave NPC Caldari forces show up at the gate, which causes enough distraction that I can slip through.

Managed to get a lot of crap out of the system now, but I still have the headache of one Orca that needs to be evacuated. Just need to wait for the exact right time when there is no or little enemy forces outside the station and at the gate…

Gate shouldn’t be a problem. You shouldn’t be targetable approaching a gate unless you’re slowboating it. If the station is clear, undock, jump directly to and through the gate, and you should be fine no matter how many Trigs are on the gate.

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