Triglavians, Pochven, and mechanics from a new players perspective

The problem is, its nothing new indeed. Its still boring and time consuming.

Its an MMO, its supposed to be time consuming, if people could grind +7 trig and EDENCOM standings in a week it would be too easy


The first part is purely subjective, plenty of mmos have non-time consuming activities that can have a high skill requirement. Looking at Guild Wars 2’s puzzle jumping for example, takes focus and precision, but if you know what you’re doing even the harder ones can be completed in a short time.

Secondly: Being time consuming is not the same as being difficult. You can have something that takes a long time but is just a series of simple repetitive actions, which is more or less what Triglavian standings currently are.

Not really the same, thats more about player skill, its the same as grinding up to a certain level to enter a new area of a map or a new dungeon, or grinding up a crafting/gathering class

Its what all standings are, again the same as walking around a map going from gathering point to gathering point to collect the 500 herbs you need to make a bag of flour to level up to gain access to making a loaf of bread

Well no, because generally speaking it’s a lot less then 500 for a bag of flour and if you’re trying to make multiple bags of flour for a skillup then it’s countered by the fact that herb nodes are pretty abundant. There’s a grind, but the grind is bearable and give a consistent feed of information and allows you to do it repeatedly as long as you meet it’s requirements. Much the same with EVEs standings, agents reduce the grind considerably, making it purely based on NPC standing ticks is just artificially worse for no tangible reason.

If they only kept it like the first few weeks, Povchen would be great, and an even greater salt generator. I mean the moment they nerfed the LP store to save their precious PvE instances, perspective was gone.

IMO all what Povchen needs is an high demand valuable item that can only be retrieved from Trig LP store. Then the content will come. We have high value items left, but those are in abysmal demand. The rest is sold for far more than the market price due to other sources.

I think they were supposed to be on the Empires’ side though?

See thats where their mechanism shows its ugly face.

Agents dont reduce the grind.

Not having them increases it

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One day I may start the grind from 0.1 standing to 3 or 7. It is a grind, but I think the reward may be well worth it:

Pochven is the perfect home system to stage out from if you enjoy using filaments.

Teleport to a random busy null system, kill some ratters, teleport directly back home, or at most 4 jumps out.

No other home staging system has such an easy and simple way back home, like the Pochven home systems. Or a way from home to high sec to sell loot or buy supplies.
Thera comes close, but is not as easy as activating a filament from anywhere, anytime.

There may not be a lot of content in Pochven itself yet, but it’s perfect for staging out from if you use filaments a lot. Once more people understand this and have the required standings, traffic and therefore content will come.


From the stand point of required intelligence, manual dexterity and learned skill, no. But from the standpoint of willpower and determination, yes. But that is esoteric, I know. Usually we just say its tedious or boring, but I think its worth pointing out that that is part of what makes EVE “difficult” for so many people to get into. EVE is a game for masochists to the point that many may have difficulty even calling it a game. Its quite the niche market.

Moving on, for a month old player you have a really good grasp of so much that is going on. That was a great first post. Never mind the few likes you got; these masochists are real frugal with their likes, perhaps because as they would prefer to be punched than kissed, they think the same of you. :grimacing:

I cannot say for sure why the standings grind is what it is, but my belief is that it was not the original plan at all. I believe it arose due to ganking. See, when you gank someone in high sec, your security status goes down, and when it gets low enough, traveling in anything but a pod becomes difficult and even in a pod, someone may be able to blow up your pod retribution free.

The solution? Rat to increase your security status ie your standings with Concord. But if that’s quick and easy, then the ganking starts that much faster. So, it was made slower by the mehanics plaguing you now. I don’t know if that was a dev only decision or the result of widespread screams about gankers having it easy, but I suspect it was the latter.

Result? We ALL have to do a boring grind to increase both standings and sec status as they are inter-related mechanics.

This might be a good lesson in why you should “beware what you ask for”.


Just want to correct that, you can by sec status with clone soldier tags, no grind necessary, just ISK. :wink:

The standing gate for Povchen is to limit population and population increase over time, essentially avoiding goons take over all systems on day one.

You corrected nothing. You added information. Unnecessary information I might add. I said nothing incorrect that you corrected. I was explaining why I think the grind so hard, not explaining methods of increasing sec status.

The triglavian standings grind has nothing to do with security standings or ganking though. And you cannot pay for trig standing, unlike security standings.

Also, I think it’s most likely that the reason for this grind to be so high is this:

Without standings requirement, navigation around EVE has become a lot easier for everyone with Pochven. Nearly everyone would use it, were it not behind the standings, and we would see gate camps all over Pochven.

Pochven is like a subway for EVE, except not everyone can use it yet.

Except I freaking explained this. Will you read and think before responding from now on? FFS.

Gevlon… is that you??

But… standings is not the same as security rating.

How do standings have to do anything with ganking?

Also, forgive me for not reading all your posts. I’ve hidden them by default, to give me a warning to not get triggered into writing a response immediately before noticing your name on it.

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Same mechanics with regard to blowing up the enemies of one faction to increase standings with another. The way both security status and faction standings increase is the same mechanic. Blow up the enemy of one faction to gain, but you have to wait about 15 minutes for the gain to kick in, plus its only the highest rate ship you popped per system. CCP is not running completely separate systems here. Basically security status equals standings with all Faction police.

I believe the system was made so slow to impede gankers when they raise their security status. Naturally it affects us all now and not just gankers. So when increasing standings with Trigs you have go though the same tedious process I think was originally made for gankers.

You’ve lost me there.

I thought you had to zap Drifters?

For standings?

No you can shoot any NPC that isn’t triangular in nature within Pochven to gain Triglavian standings

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