Tripwire - signature mapping tool

A new version (1.21) is available on public Tripwire (

Changes for users:

  • We’re using the Affiliation ESI endpoint to get character/corp information, this should make characters update faster when they move corp (credit SeriouslyUnnamed )
  • Map updates - Intaki is now 0.5 (actually I pushed this separately a bit back), hopefully CCP don’t change it every month lol
  • Overwriting a signature with the same name (ABC-123) only happens within a single system, you can have the same sig name in different systems now
  • Reworked the landing page, removed the Twitter feed, and made login tab the default
  • Triglavian invasion data is now static data and not pulled from (Which, for some reason, wasn’t working on public Tripwire, so this makes Triglavian system status work properly there.)

Changes for self hosting:

  • New self hosts - the jumpHistory trigger for calculating mass is back in the DB setup script. (Still issues with mass tracking accuracy though)
  • Removed the requirement to have a copy of the SDE and keep it up to date in your local deployment. Ship mass and name data is now in Tripwire
  • Fixed an issue with system_activity.cron.php on databases with strict typing (credit D43dun )

If you find any problems please report them on the Tripwire discord.