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Cannot add character to tripwire because of ESI v4 Character Route Removed - Please Update to V5. When can we expect update?

is the error I get in chrome console when trying to search for character

Since I seem to be unable to spawn a reaction in the Tripwire Issue Tracker, I’ll ask again here:

I am having the “No account for that character” issue for about a month now and read after search on the net for a bit, that this requires a manual edit of the tripwire database to resolve.

If you are still active (which I hope), I would like to ask you to please do that edit for the Character posting this comment.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

are you going to offer any update for the new spanish translation of eve? when you copy the anomalies in eve’s spanish client and paste it in tripware it doesn’t take the anomalies correctly.

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Tripwire Update

A new version (1.19) of Tripwire is available for testing on Galileo (

Notable changes:

  • Wormholes will now not auto-expire until 110% of their stated lifetime
  • Wormhole mass data has (finally) been updated
  • Support for French and Japanese localisation of Eve. (Sorry, no Spanish! Didn’t realise that was missing.)
  • Fix for CCP breaking unauthenticated ESI search. Self-hosters, you will need to add esi-search.search_structures.v1 scope to your application definition, and then set define('ENABLE_SEARCH_SCOPE', true) in config.php to make it work. Public users, you will have to wait for the server owner to do that for the public instance.

For self-hosters, you can use the ‘development’ branch today if you want to test this release yourself.

Thanks to Okamainen al’Anzomi for fixing the search.

If you find any problems please report them on the Tripwire discord.


We had some issues getting this to production, but it’s done now, including the ESI scope update so search (including for making masks) works again. Any issues please come to the Tripwire Discord.

Small update on development branch (deployed to Galileo) - added new Intaki-Amygnon stargate, added J377 wormhole type

Tripwire Update

A new version (1.20) of Tripwire is available for testing on Galileo ( ).

Notable changes:

  • If you’re looking at a K space system and it’s not in chain, if you have entrances the system panel will now show you the closest route home
  • Favourited systems now show a star in the chain view
  • Various back end minor improvements
  • Comments can now be sorted latest-first using the arrow widget. Your selection is remembered in a cookie
  • One click return - if you jump into a hole and then paste sigs, you will get a “mark as return” link. Click it to update the ‘???’ entry link. It works if you are going “down chain” on a tab. I know there are some edge case bugs with this but I think it’s still a big enough improvement to release
  • Map and wormhole updates: added J377, set Intaki to 0.2 sec status, and the Intaki-Amygnon gate. (this was already on Galileo for a few days)
  • EVE time is now in the top bar next to the TQ status

If you find any problems please report them on the Tripwire discord.

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Above changes are now on production public Tripwire


A new version (1.21) is available on public Tripwire (

Changes for users:

  • We’re using the Affiliation ESI endpoint to get character/corp information, this should make characters update faster when they move corp (credit SeriouslyUnnamed )
  • Map updates - Intaki is now 0.5 (actually I pushed this separately a bit back), hopefully CCP don’t change it every month lol
  • Overwriting a signature with the same name (ABC-123) only happens within a single system, you can have the same sig name in different systems now
  • Reworked the landing page, removed the Twitter feed, and made login tab the default
  • Triglavian invasion data is now static data and not pulled from (Which, for some reason, wasn’t working on public Tripwire, so this makes Triglavian system status work properly there.)

Changes for self hosting:

  • New self hosts - the jumpHistory trigger for calculating mass is back in the DB setup script. (Still issues with mass tracking accuracy though)
  • Removed the requirement to have a copy of the SDE and keep it up to date in your local deployment. Ship mass and name data is now in Tripwire
  • Fixed an issue with system_activity.cron.php on databases with strict typing (credit D43dun )

If you find any problems please report them on the Tripwire discord.


Hey, love the tool… just an issue I ran into is you can’t zoom the map in/out if using Firefox…


Any plan to handle Japanese clients’ scan results ?

Also Spanish scan results

New version 1.22 is available on public Tripwire ( and for self hosting!

Changes for users:

  • Favourites panel next to the star button in the system panel, gives you a click through to your favourites from anywhere
  • Automapper improved when there are multiple choices, in particular the “blank panel” issue when you are looking at a different system should be gone
  • Automap won’t record a jump if the dialog is already up or if the two systems are both in chain already - this should reduce the number of accidental loops
  • System names show a link and class/effect information in most places
  • Wormhole types now show the from/to and total mass in most places. As part of this, wormhole data now includes possible from/to systems
  • K162 wormholes in sig panel show [A234] with the type of the other side
  • Wormhole type selector (both sides) in sig editor now has a dropdown button. The dropdown will show you wormholes that are possible given the two ends
  • Bug fix: you can now paste a signature that has the same name (ABC-123) as one in a different system
  • Updated the tutorial for the system panel
  • Life text is now “End of life” or “EOL” to avoid confusion with “Critical” for mass. (I’ve never heard anyone say “critical” for lifetime.)
  • Mass data and map updates from Viridian

Changes for contributors/hosters:

  • There is now a unit test suite (js-test) using Mocha, just a few tests for new code so far, if you add new script please consider adding tests as well
  • json_builder now writes directly to combine.js

Can we get back white lines to gate connection pls?
Also will be very useful to get ability to lock the map for mask admin : for example so we can have constelation map locked fo scanning from ls. Ty

A new version 1.23 is now live on!

Key changes for users:

  • User tracking - the character you are tracking with will now appear in the navbar

  • K space systems will show you the path to the closest blue loot buyer (according to your normal routing rules)

  • Zarzakh and its gates added to map. Zarzakh is a normal system for routing - if you don’t want to route through it add it to your ignore list (options panel)

  • Faction warfare

    • Information about FW systems is fetched from ESI (and cached serverside)
    • System panel for FW systems will show the current FW owner and the contested status
    • The Athounon-Samanuni gate will be available if Caldari own Athounon, but not if Gallente take it
  • In K space, the gates available in this system will now show on the system panel

  • System panel has been rearranged to increase the space available for the things above.

  • Chain map - Radial mode only (the org chart viewer tech doesn’t allow for it)

    • Line thicknesses reflect the hole size. If a wormhole type isn’t given, it will be inferred based on the systems it connects e.g. a C1 will always show a medium hole.
    • Auras - a coloured glow effect has been added to wormhole lines, with colours matching the in game wormhole effect (small = blue, med = green, xl = orange). You can turn this off in options
    • Spacing factor (relative to the default) is now an option
  • Options panel has been rearranged to separate out chain related options including the new ones mentioned above


  • UX - Using the scroll wheel over the chain will no longer zoom it (you need ctrl+scroll to do that)
  • Automap will not map you into Jita or Amarr - this is almost always the result of someone podding out to a jump clone; in the rare event you get a genuine Amarr hole in chain you can add it manually
  • Automap works correctly jumping into Pochven
  • Performance - fixed an issue which meant calculating routes would evaluate the entire map every time. Contributor info: guidance.findShortestPath can now accept lists for start and end systems

An annoying bug:

  1. Have a wormhole defined with a non-K162 type in the “J123456 Side” section (top half of the Edit Signature screen)
  2. Click in the Name field at the bottom
  3. Hit shift-tab twice
  4. When the “Other Side” type field is focused, it resets the “J123456 Side” type to ???

I hit this all the time when filling out the name and sig ID on the other side of a wormhole, so I accidentally end up removing the hole type and only notice it later.

Is there any chance of making it so that when you add the name to a signature it doesn’t hide the J number in the map ? That way we can see the J number and the name/naming convention we use for our bookmarks. May better to hide the type when you give it a name instead.

Hi folks, if you want to discuss, report or suggest things regarding Tripwire please come to the discord (7 day invite - Tripwire). I don’t come here except to post updates.

On which note

I just updated public tripwire to 1.24. Changes:

  • Tripwire is now using the new EvE Scout API to retrieve Thera and Turnur connection data. This checkbox actually works now!
  • Fixed the checkbox styling so it doesn’t double show any more
  • Fixed statics not being set correctly in some places due to bad JSON
  • The new ships and connections from Havoc are in the data

I just updated public Tripwire to 1.25. In this release:

  • You can now pick ‘Unknown’ or ‘Dangerous’ or ‘Unknown (Small)’ as a wormhole type. These will resolve to the appropriate classes, for the type selector, on the chain map and for automapping (i.e. if you jump into a C4 it will offer Dangerous holes but not Unknown ones).
  • The wormhole dropdown on the signature panel now has a scrollbar big enough to actually click on
  • Zooming on the chain map: Should now mostly work in Firefox and other non-Chromium browsers. I’m aware of issues with tooltip overlays when zoomed. By popular demand, you can bring back the ability to zoom without using the Ctrl key (in options).
  • Lowsec is a deeper orange. The colours used to align with Eve colours, but CCP changed those anyway, and this helps differentiate it from highsec if you have colour issues.
  • I’ve removed the social buttons from the landing page. None of them would have been useful, and one would let you send an email to Daimian which I don’t think he wants any more! I left the CSS styles in, in case some of you self hosters have those icons pointing to you instead. The current version is now shown there instead.
  • Statics for Turnur and wormhole updates generally (credit - Jambe)
  • Chrome changed how they manage scrollbar CSS, I updated Tripwire’s CSS to compensate
  • Tidied up the donation panel at the bottom and clarified that the real money donations go to Daimian for hosting. You can send me PLEX if you want to support development.
  • Links to external sites (Dotlan and CCP - not because it doesn’t accept it ) now use https
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