Tripwire - signature mapping tool

Click the pencil icon for your chain map tab to disable EVE Scout signatures from showing if you don’t want to use their data.


I noticed that some time ago whenever I copy/paste any plain text into a comment the font size is automatically dropped to 8 (rather than inheriting the font size of the destination text). I remember this not being a problem half a year ago.

Is this a bug? If not, can you point out to me how I can adjust this so that I don’t have to manually adjust font size every time I want to put intel in the comments.

Thanks! Keep up the great work!

I use a plugin called CKEditor for that part, I will check into this and if I can fix I can include it with the big May update that is almost finished.

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Thank you. If you need help replicating the issue, please let me know.

The May release for Tripwire is now available for everyone to test via the “Sisi” version (AKA test version) of Tripwire called "Galileo.

A few things to note:

  • It is using it own database separate from regular Tripwire
  • Everyone must register for an account
  • Stats tracking is not 100% functional yet
  • Undo and naming are not 100% for the auto-mapper feature yet
  • Tutorials are not finished
  • There is no bookmark naming system, a new system is still being written from scratch

Join the Tripwrie discord for reporting issues and giving feedback:
I’ll be available there to talk to

Galileo should be stable enough to switch your entire corp over to if you want to, just keep in mind that when testing ends and this is released, Galileo will be wiped again.

Keep in mind this is NOT finished, so please report bugs on discord and provide any feedback. I did not get as many features done but I am still going to continue adding them after the May release.

Right now the planned release is next Sunday, May 6th.

The Tripwire May release is on track for May 6th @ 8pm EVE time (20:00) - expect about 1 hour of downtime (should be less). Everyone will lose all their signatures and personal statistical data as those tables have completely changed. Everything else like accounts, masks, comments, preferences will be still intact.

The good news is all API calls have been converted to ESI for the May 8th EVE API shutdown.
The bad news is I was not able to get as many features finished so more updates will come in the following weeks.

There are a few existing features that are not functional yet:

  • EVE Scout’s Thera signatures won’t be available right away
  • The “bookmark” tagging for wormholes is gone for now

Everything else Tripwire did before, it should do. Please report bugs in whatever way is easiest for you, I will dedicate time to monitoring and bug fixing for the first few days.

So what has changed:

  • The old API register method has been replaced by EVE SSO
    • Tripwire admin authorization for CEO & Directors, now includes the corp title “Tripwire Admin”
    • Tripwire registration via EVE SSO will auto generate a password and username, you can change these via Tripwire options once logged in (via EVE SSO)
  • Slight UI tweaks and organization changes
  • link replaced with
  • Built in tutorials have been included and can be ran via clicking the “?” in the top-right corner of areas (these are still a work in progress)
  • UI Scaling option added to the Tripwire settings under “preferences” to zoom the entire UI smaller or bigger. NOTE FireFox doesn’t support this, despite their docs claiming to fully support the CSS zoom property. Complain to them.
  • The landing page screenshots replaced with a Twitter feed about Tripwire
  • Mask creation/editing now has a more useful search with options to limit by corporation, character, or exact string match and now can return many results with similar names.
  • Signature section no longer has an edit button - simply double-click a signature to edit it now.
  • The delete button has been moved above and operates by clicking on signatures to select them (use shortcut key DELETE instead of clicking the trash icon)
  • Undo/redo feature rewritten to properly support wormholes, pasting signatures that add and update are broken into 2 undo actions - may group them later.
  • Full signature IDs are now supported, but not required - you can completely leave the IDs blank now or simply add the 3 letters like before. NOTE automapper and pasting of signatures NEEDS the full ID to work, example: ABC-123
  • An “Unknown” signature type has been added. pasted signatures typically have this set at first.
  • Wormhole types are now completely optional as well
  • Wormhole types can be “GATE” for rendering gates, but also now “SML”, “MED”, “LRG”, “XLG” types are supported for mass sensitive (frigate) wormholes
  • Entering a wormhole type will auto-populate the leads to if left blank with “Class-1” or “High-Sec”
  • The autocomplete for both wormhole type and leads to has been replaced with a better functioning one, the leads to also includes a drop-down menu
  • Signature name as been expanded from 50 characters to 100
  • You can now enter custom system name for each side of a wormhole if desired, and now also renders even when no leads to system is entered (for say marking a wormhole as “Dangerous”)
  • Signature/wormhole life length revamped and is now completely controlled by you. Click and use the arrow up/down to adjust. Automatically adjusts to wormhole type (but you can override). The default pasted length option still works.
  • Both sides of a wormhole can now be edited at the same time for either side
  • Pasting signatures feature rewritten for better handling of pasted results and speed
  • Hovering over the age of a signature now includes who created/modified it, not just when.
  • Set destination/waypoint now works again (chain map - right-click menu)
  • Statistics tracking has been fixed and expanded to wormholes and comments, not just signatures. Also there is now an added, updated, deleted tally. Viewed systems was removed
  • Remember Me login option cookie now uses a token to be more secure
  • Some issues with the signature age counter has been fixed
  • Tons of minor bug fixes, too many to list

There are many more features just around the corner including an API. This major update was a complete rewrite of the core of Tripwire that has finally unblocked many features many have asked for.

For those of you who host your own copy of Tripwire - this release makes it far easier and I will be including full instructions and a database structure dump the following day, May 7th. I apologize for the delay but so much has changed with Tripwire.


Can’t wait for this to drop. Thanks so much @Daimian_Mercer!


Thanks for the hard work Damien.

Thank you for the amazing work you do on such an awesome tool!

@Daimian_Mercer Can Signal Cartel get some more detail on the EvE-Scout Thera mapping limitations and timeline for having that resolved? You can message me directly in-game or on our Discord. If you;ve already relayed this info to someone in our corp or alliance, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks so much for your amazing work on this vital tool. You are our hero!

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Tripwire May release and up to a 1 hour downtime in 3 hours!
Follow updates here or on my Twitter @DaimianMercer

Tripwire May release is deployed! Enjoy

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Privately hosted Tripwire version should not be able to update.
I have pushed install instructions for a Linux system (Docker still has some bugs).
Also the latest Tripwire database structure is now in available in the repo.
Join the Discord chat for help debugging and improving setup:

QOL and bugfix release just pushed live

  • Fixed issue where you could not see available masks after searching for masks to join
  • Fixed a visual glitch with mask creation & modification
  • When entering signature IDs the cursor will move to the ### field after entering 3 letters
  • The currently tracked in-game system is now added to the Leads To drop down menu
  • Set Destination now properly clears other waypoints
  • It is now possible to see a custom mask that has had everyone invited removed (empty)


Love the work you do! Have asked my corps to send what isk or $$ they can.

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Wormhole with some wormhole signatures, mark one as U210, splash it with auto-mapper on, land in LS system without connections. Refresh page and connections appear. This one maybe intended, but it’s quite annoying.

Happened to at least two pilots – name all connections in wormhole while one of them would be K162 with name Class-2. Upon splashing that hole Tripwire will create new signature ???-### instead of using your connection.

It seems Tripwire lags in parallel with ESI – ESI lags, Tripwire hangs himself (ajax call never ends?). (screenshot from WDS Tripwire but been observing it on original too).

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Tripwire updated with auto-mapper bug fixes and UI improvements

Here’s an updated discord link if anyone is having issues :slight_smile:

Tripwire 1.10 released


  • Automapper now looks for possible Tripwire signature matches in 1 step instead of 2 so you will see the dialog asking which signature to update much more often.
  • Automapper now also excludes jumps when the tracked character is in a station. If it works well I will replace the check for ship type - this would change Automapper to depend on only 1 ESI call instead of 2.
  • Life and Mass for add/edit wormhole dialog window moved to the top system instead of the bottom
  • Added a Edit Signature button, next to the trash icon as a pencil icon - adding to dbl-click row trigger
  • Signature list selecting changed to simulate OS selection.
    ** Clicking a signature now highlights ONLY that signature
    ** Ctrl/CMD + clicking a signature to toggle selection
    ** Shift + clicking a signature highlights all signatures between 2 points
    ** Ctrl/CMD + A will select all signatures
    ** Clicking outside of the signature list now deselects all signatures
    ** Close the signature delete dialog now deselects all signatures
  • jQuery updated to 3.3.1

For those of you who are hosting a private copy, I have included a new DB dump. I changed indexes, table properties, triggers, events, and added a _history_wormholes table. I did not add/remove any columns.
Tips for upgrading database:

  • Back a full backup! I am not responsible for you losing your data!
  • Export entire Tripwire database (data only)
  • Destroy database and create it again importing from repo tripwire.sql
  • Import your data export

Optionally you can view the commit changes to see the database changes and manually perform them with a live database.

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Copy paste seems to have broken with the most recent update.