Tripwire - signature mapping tool

(Daimian Mercer) #101

I almost never login to EVE anymore.
You can contact me via
Also I rarely ever delete accounts since that messes up the database structure but can help get things figured out whatever we need to do.

(Malachite Ormand) #102

Email Sent with the subject line: Tripwire Help for Malachite Ormand.

I’m also on the EvE-Scout Discord.

(Daimian Mercer) #103

Tripwire 1.11.10 released
This is almost entirely to fix CCP’s grand mess up… the ESI API url was changed without warning today. This was so badly communicated many 3rd party tools were broken and even the EVE launcher itself is still using the wrong ESI url.

CCP did communicate there WOULD be a change but not when the old URL would be switched off… that turns out to be today folks!

(Daimian Mercer) #104

Tripwire 1.11.13 released

  • Auto-mapper consistency improvements (sometimes Auto-mapper didn’t detect a system change)
  • Minor security improvements (EVE character info updated on every login)
  • MySQL database dump updated for privately hosted versions (expanded tracking table column shipID to bigint to handle larger EVE unique ship IDs - caused characters to not show to others when in certain ships.

(Daimian Mercer) #105

Tripwire 1.11.15 released

  • Multiple back-end login/register fixes for when ESI API calls fail.

(Daimian Mercer) #106

Tripwire 1.11.16 released

  • Issues removing tracked characters should now be resolved
  • Wormhole type should no longer get changed to ?'s when editing a signature that already has a type
  • Multiple ESI API calls updated to use newer version
  • A browser console message has been added when an ESI API call returns a warning
  • The link when logging into Tripwire for when you forgot you password now properly links to the SSO login option
  • The Activity graph now references the default database name instead of the hardcoded tripwire one
  • NPM package updates, including gulp, and the default gulp task removed (gulp v4 changes required this)