Tripwire - signature mapping tool

I’m not an expert dev or dba, however you have three scheduled events running every minute that all update/delete from signatures table:

  • wormholeCritical
  • wormholeClean
  • signatureClean

The first thing I would try is to replace them with a singular event.

If the execution time of the combined function was longer than a minute, does mySQL run a second event? If so, you might need to increase the timing window to get the site running. Then you can look at optimising the statements in the function like the folk above have suggested.

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Thanks for the great ideas/suggestions/info! I have been reading up and checking things as suggested. I have a working plan of attack based on the feedback - I’m not sure if it will fix the issues but at least I feel like it is a step in the right direction.

Again thank you for taking the time to help me out with this, I was starting to feel pretty lost and alone for awhile trying to fix this issue. EVE still has a great community :smiley:


I haven’t noticed any issues all day today, btw

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Just started getting 502 Bad Gateway

Made some adjustments, lets see if that helps

It was much better yesterday than the day before, no looooong waits for the screen to update :+1:

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Tripwire version 1.14 is on Galileo now for testing and feedback (


Looks good so far…

Hi Daimian

Since your last update I have the following problem.
I scan down a WH, bookmark everything and mark it in the data-base.
When I now enter a new WH, I disapear from the map.
I will not be tracked into the new system.
Then I have to mark the J-Number of this new system manually in the data-base, and I am back on the map.
When I jump back into the further system , I will be tracked.
That happens only on the “public server”.

If I use the Wingspan-Tripwire (older version) the tracking is perfect.

Regards BC

Is their a way to privately host Tripwire Daimian? Mostly to avert connectivity issues?

Tripwire Update

Tripwire has been updated to version 1.17.

Notable changes:

  • Maps are up to date with Pochven and the new stargates
  • Triglavian wormholes and system data
  • Fix for one of the reasons auto tracking doesn’t work (on big maps)
  • Context menu additions on map: make/create a tab for the selected system

There’s also a couple of improvements for self-hosters.


Thank you so much for keeping Tripwire alive!

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Hi. I have the following problem:
I would like to make my map available to a member of another corp. When I create a new mask (private or public), I cannot add him as a character because the programme does not find him. When I enter the name of the player and click on search, the wheel spins forever and no result is found.
I am also looking for some kind of manual or detailed tutorial that is also suitable for players who do not belong to a player corp.
I would be happy if someone could help me with this problem. Gladly in German or English.

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Cannot add character to tripwire because of ESI v4 Character Route Removed - Please Update to V5. When can we expect update?

is the error I get in chrome console when trying to search for character

Since I seem to be unable to spawn a reaction in the Tripwire Issue Tracker, I’ll ask again here:

I am having the “No account for that character” issue for about a month now and read after search on the net for a bit, that this requires a manual edit of the tripwire database to resolve.

If you are still active (which I hope), I would like to ask you to please do that edit for the Character posting this comment.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

are you going to offer any update for the new spanish translation of eve? when you copy the anomalies in eve’s spanish client and paste it in tripware it doesn’t take the anomalies correctly.

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Tripwire Update

A new version (1.19) of Tripwire is available for testing on Galileo (

Notable changes:

  • Wormholes will now not auto-expire until 110% of their stated lifetime
  • Wormhole mass data has (finally) been updated
  • Support for French and Japanese localisation of Eve. (Sorry, no Spanish! Didn’t realise that was missing.)
  • Fix for CCP breaking unauthenticated ESI search. Self-hosters, you will need to add esi-search.search_structures.v1 scope to your application definition, and then set define('ENABLE_SEARCH_SCOPE', true) in config.php to make it work. Public users, you will have to wait for the server owner to do that for the public instance.

For self-hosters, you can use the ‘development’ branch today if you want to test this release yourself.

Thanks to Okamainen al’Anzomi for fixing the search.

If you find any problems please report them on the Tripwire discord.

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