Troll fun

On a dark and stormy night, troll hunter Lorash Kadeyooh was stalking prey, when he found himself face to face with the rare and elusive Athanor Egg! He yelled out a mighty battle cry to he who fists rocks Pimius “I found me a vittle, but it be to big for me nap sack!”, so rock fister mounted his mighty tug boat and jumped 31 lawless systems to carry the egg.
The skies were not clear nor sailing friendly, he was chased and harried across cobalt edge by a catcher of flies, but alas he did arrive. He who fisted rocks swooped in and scooped the egg from its place of rest, but that was not the end of this tale. They had their treasure in hand, but they were far from friendly lands, with enemies aware and lying in wait…
As the Trolls plotted their next move and the enemies sharpened their blades, the odds looked slim the ways were blocked with the trolls outnumbered…
But out of the stormy skies Chris Cube flew in to aid his fellow trolls on their quest…
Together the three intrepid trolls set sail for home, but they did not get far before they were set upon by sabre wielding highwayman, but the mighty warriors Lorash Kadeyooh and Chris Cube slue him (and looted his corpse), but Chris Cube took serious wounds and was nigh death, (15% structure)… but that highwayman was only the prelude to a greater threat, one that would cost the trolls dearly…
Set upon again by a gang of highwaymen (two), with superior weapons to the first, they were chased and engaged many times, Pimius had to blend to his environment to evade detection while the battle raged.
It looked as though they had been caught, the only pass guarded and patrolled, Lorash Kadeyooh engaged the enemy to allow Pimius to exploit a gap created in the enemy patrol… But the brave act cost Lorash Kadeyooh his trusty steed.
With Lorash Kadeyooh gone leaving now only the nearly dead Chris Cube the only armed member of the party, but undeterred he scouted forward, finding safe passage out of the cobalt edge.
Pimius managed to safely deposit the Athanor Egg back in the troll home amongst the cheers and jubilation of his fellow Trolls.
A great day to be a troll!


Totally awesome!

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