True Sec Geography

If the security status of a system is -1.0 it is considered true sec. Curse, Stain, Syndicate and Venal are NPC faction regions and despite their actual system security status, they are also true sec.

Given the above, would NPC regions like Great Wildlands (Thukker), Outer Ring (ORE), constellations in Pure Blind (Sisters of Eve and Mordus Legion), constellations in Delve (Blood Raiders) and the constellation in Fountain (Serpentis) be considered true sec regardless of security status?

A system’s true security status is not the one with a single decimal digit, the true number has 6-8 decimals.

Understood however the phrase “true sec” is used in reference to what can be spawned. This was especially important before the advent of being able to improve ones systems with anoms.

If you are referring to the possibility to get Officer spawns, then the system only needs to be -0.6 and below.

Or Curse, Stain, Syndicate or Venal regardless of security status thus my question about the other NPC nulsec systems.

do you need a list of all true security values of all systems? i can post it here later today or maybe tomorrow, depending on my busy-ness, in case you want it… ?

I just want to know is all nulsec NPC s[pace is condered true sec regardless of system sec status.

Thanks anyway :smiley:

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Still do get what you are asking. There are no “True Security” term. All systems have a numerical value of 1.0 down to -1.0 (rounded to nearest 1st decimal place), but the actual numerical value have 6-8 decimals. It does not matter if the system happens to be in Delve, Stain, Syndicate or where ever it may be.

In Stain, Syndicate, Venal and Curse you can spawn officers regardless of the system’s security status (I spawned one in -0.3 system for example).

In the past these systems were referred to as True Sec as they are the equivalent of -1.0 for the officer spawning mechanic. In non NPC nul you need to be in a system that is -0.6 or less as you have pointed out.

Now I wish to know if the other NPC areas of nulsec, Fountain, Outer Ring etc are treated the same way as the four major NPC regions mentioned above.

AS an aside, the term true sec has been around for a very long time and was a term used to refer to systems that are close to -1.0. Back int he day this generalized true sec was used to determine renter values.

Today it is mostly forgotten because of the Defensive Multiplier mechanic that allows corporations to spawn huge numbers of anomalies (something that was never farmed because it was too dangerous).

My best guess would be, no, for the simple reason that none of them are controlled by one of the pirate factions; Angel Cartel, Blood Raider Covenant, Gurista’s Pirates or Sansha’s Nation

Fair enough. Thanks for your responses.

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