Trying to work out actual North in New Eden

So the map can spin but what would be considered North in New Eden?

Would the Fountain be considered the southern or deep south end of New Eden?
Would Fountain be outer west then if not the above?

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well… yeah its east… but its also north when you at the map? just call it north east… But, i think you would defineltly traverse east before noth to get there… from high sec anyway

N :point_up_2:

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I’m doing it all wrong, as soon as open the map I would spin it to place Fountain at the bottom.

two easy ways to find north:

  1. on the new map, bottom right is a compass
  2. the golden line on the tactical grid overlay points at true north

DOTLAN is the true compass of EVE


Dotlan doesn’t even have Pochven. Dotlan is outdated, ancient-history-of-Eve stuff.

Oh wow is that was that is! I never seen that on there before or if I did, it didn’t register as being anything useful.

omg dudes delve is kinda south west its not that hard


fountain west… the spire east… esoterica south ,venal north, cobalt edge north east , delve south west … pure blind nort west and so on

??? this topic puzzles me

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Well the new map we can spin the map, though it is good that you helped clear up where North is as not everyone knows for sure if that is truly North.

Actually there is a third way, often overlooked: the F11 (the map browser).
All 4 panels have north on the 12 o’clock position, and are “seen” from 90 degrees above.

For instance, when you reduce the angle on your dscan to 5 degrees, you will see it as a fine green line (within the light grey cone representing your camera view angle) on the solar system panel in F11. When it covers the 12 o’clock axis in that small solar system panel then it matches the golden line on the tactical overlay.

The rest of the panels are perfectly oriented with the F10 star map, also seen from 90 deg. above, if you unflatten the map. The constellations etc match those on the map with precision if you oriented the big map with north at 12.

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So the system 3-QYVE would be the farthest North System in New Eden.

Another reason why the old map is better, it can be flattened into 2D and put the right side up.

Looks to me like QYZM-W

(oriented with North to the left, unflattened map, view from the side)

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Like what is actually true north when it could mean so many systems don’t y’all think that?


See this is how I see the map. pointing west.

i sent you the map
it have the north
go back to the ice belt and quit the drugs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, one, it’s space. Trying to ask where north is in space is like asking what flavor of blue you need to milk a pancake. All the words are right, but the question itself is nonsense.

That being said:

By longstanding tradition, Branch and Tenal are considered “North” and Providence, Catch, Stain, and that area are “South”. Cache is “East” and Fountain is “West”. I’m not sure why it came to be that way, but it’s convenient for people to think of it, so it’s stuck.

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The flavor you are looking for is Hermit Skywalker of course :wink:

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The game client provides three ways to know where north is (see earlier).
But you’re right in that respect that a real “north” is not defined in real space. For conveniences of orientation, a northern direction was defined as a reference for the New Eden galaxy.

North is not located on a solar system, it is a point at infinite distance, outside of the New Eden galaxy for obvious geometrical reasons :grinning:.

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How about if we request for a grid to be placed onto the map? Letters running down the map while numbers running across the map, that way we could see sections on the map like a14 or y22!

It would be super easy to read and tell your co pilots on the locations…cool hey? Where is the suggestion box?

Getting visions of the war in Delve/Querious :smile:

A14/Y22, battleship sunk