TS3 Cruiser for 2/10 to 5/10 DED Sites

(Narnai Hamka) #1

Is it possible to it like in the topic? For e.g I was in a 2/10 with a HAC allthough wiki writes it is for destroyer.


(Matt Benneth) #2

Which 2/10? I know some unrated sites have different ships requirements depending on faction but HAC-s should be 3/10+ only.

(Ildrara) #3

No. T3Cs will not get past the gate in DED sites below 5/10.

(ISD Sakimura) #4

If you want to use a Tech 3 Ship for exploration. Use Tactical Destroyer (T3D) for DED 2-4/10 and then you can use a Strategic Cruiser (T3C) for 5/10’s.

Strategic Cruisers are banned from DED sites of rating 1-4/10.

In case you don’t know:

  • 1/10 only allow Frigate Size ships
  • 2/10 only Destroyer Size ships and smaller
  • 3/10 only Cruiser Size and smaller (except T3C’s)
  • 4/10 only BattleCruiser Size and smaller (except T3C’s)
  • 5/10 and up allow Battleship Size and smaller.

(Root'er) #5

At least some 4\10 do let T3C in, tried it last week with Serpentis Lookout

(ISD Sakimura) #6

Is an Unrated DED, which would be the reason why you could enter

(Akuma Tsukai) #7

Some lookouts are broken and CCP never cared to fix. Gurista one lets only dessies in, while sansha/blood/serp ones don’t care about size at all.

(system) #8

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