[TSUF] Tri-Star United Front: Press Release


This public release on behalf of the Tri-Star United Front is to announce the formation of a dedicated, multi-role capsuleer corporation which will operate out of the Sinq Laison region in the Gallente Federation. TSUF will maintain strong ties to the member state of the United Republic of Aristidia, located in the Disier constellation of Sinq Laison. Capsuleers have existed for over a decade and have spawned from countless member states in the Federation. While many have gone off to maintain complete independence from the Federation, or even chose to operate within Federal ranks themselves, the capsuleers of TSUF will operate on a hybrid situation - independent capsuleer contractors with strong associations to the URA.

Census records maintained by the URA have indicated that there have been numerous capsuleer graduates that been conceived from the nation. TSUF represents a first in that its founding members choose to maintain allegiance to the URA and the ideals it stands by - country, people, and democracy.

TSUF will be opening an office in the URA capital of Nova Revelareau within the coming weeks. In addition to this planetside hub, we will be basing our space-side operations in the system of Decon, aboard the Federal Intelligence station. TSUF will not be available for public contracting of any kind while we work to organize ourselves properly. Some future goals of TSUF include, but are not limited to: security consulting, courier contracting, lobbying, and real estate development.

TSUF will however, be open to negotiations and engaging in public endeavors that align with our goals with fellow and like-minded entities. Should you or your group wish to foster relations, CEO Durant Aristide shall be the primary point of contact. We look forward to communicating with you.

On behalf of TSUF,
Durant Aristide

“Country, People, Democracy. Plus Forts Ensemble.”


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