[TTIN] Internal Memo Release - EDENCOM Efforts

I have released the following Memo for coordination purposes with our fellow EDI members as well as the Empire and State.

Torchwood Institute Internal Memo
From the desk of Doctor Jessyca Ravenholme, Director of Operations
Security Clearance: [Cleared for Public Dissemination]

First of all, I know this has been a trying time for everyone at Torchwood. From our dock workers, to office staff. From The Spire’s command staff, to the individual crews of our vessels. You have worked tirelessly and without hesitation for not just our organization, but for the greater good of the State and humanity as a whole.

Many of you have worked despite your fears about loved ones in invaded systems. Many of you have worked despite the uncertainty that our own systems might be invaded and evacuated. You have shown bravery, compassion, and skill under the greatest of pressures and stresses. So we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your loyalty and bravery. If it weren’t for you the Admiral and I would not have been able to do what we did. You all are our greatest strength.

Secondly, the primary invasion seems to have come to a halt. The Triglavians have ceased invading new systems and, according to EDENCOM, have begun consolidation of the systems captured. And while the primary offense is over, there is much work to be done.

Effective immediately, and in conjunction with EDI & EDENCOM forces, all of TTIN’s offices and facilities will be used for refugee transfer and placement. All of our installations can expect an influx of displaced persons from all over the system. All current TTIN logistical operations are to be suspended until this process is complete, and we are working in the dark as to how long any of this will take.

Public Relations: You will be responsible for processing incomming refugees. You will be required to take DNA and biometric samples. Please rig your office hangars for refugee processing and temporary housing.

Human Resources: Your job will be to process all biometric data collected, as well as personal information provided by the refugees, cross reference data with all known & accessible databases both internal and external, and attempt to locate appropriate family or friends.

Logistics & Transport Services: Many of you in Torchwood are unaware of this, but early on in the war effort, a small team of our Logistics baseliner crew at The Spire took the initiative and started incorporating a few refugees here and there into our basic supply shipments. We are extremely proud of the compassion and commitment to the State this has shown. As such, that team will be leading all further efforts in this arena; and all logistics shipments with the exception of medical supplies and necessities will be halted temporarily so that our civilian traffic can transport refugees to their new homes safely.

More in depth instructions and procedures will be released to each of your department heads sometime later today, but in the mean time do what you can to prepare for the influx of personell

In this time of uncertainty, we once again thank you all for your service to Torchwood and The State. You are the best of the best, and we are lucky to have a company that has you in it.

Doctor Jessyca Ravenholme
Director of Operations


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