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My apologies Wes, if what I said was incorrect. But lets not discuss low class behavior alright? After everything Ive done for SrS and how that is returned… well. At least im man enough to know when Im wrong and admit it.

Yay, no more cartel. Market is free…

…for the moment. :confused:

Isn’t gf an abbreviation for grief?
Bring back wars and mercs. And station games…and more HiSec gate camps.

It can mean two things… if you’re a carebear it means Good Fight. If you are a bitter vet it means Get Fkd.

I’m going with “Good Food!”

The mercenary market lacks a formal form of binders with collateral in the form of contracts.

With introduction of Viridian came an option to formally order corpmembers to attack specific entities. It’s technically a wardec without a wardec and probably victim is left in the dark. And it’s weird no formal countermeasure, like security contracts for instance, has been introduced along.

With so much scheming and untrust in New Eden, no offence :smirk:, a formal binder would help to solve some security issues.

Clarification: by formal I mean controlled by game engine, contrary to meta controlled by trust between players entering verbal agreements. Example of formal is courier contract. Example of meta is minig permit. I can see a meta minig permit becoming a formal minig permit.

There was a whole system in place up until 2020. Player bounties. It’s been „temporarily disabled“ since then. 3 years in October.

I have ideas to offer a private platform to replace it, but of course as you note such a meta-game service relies on trust. And not everyone would want to participate due to that reason or other reasons. Which is fine and working as intended.

What’s not working as intended is the actual Eve Online system still being disabled today.

Bounties don’t do anything for null so the CSM lobbyists talked CCP into not bothering.

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That private bounty system won”t supply even a single frozen corpse.

So many wannabe merc corps are too afraid to risk it all just for a single frozen corpse as the risk is just too great.

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That would depend on whether you knew about it or not before CCP patched it out in April 2011 after the group i was with used it extensively and reported it to them.

Here’s an idea to balance out a HQ’less Wardec system: Any member of a corp issuing a wardec CANNOT dock at any NPC stations in Hisec until the War is over? I mean, that kind of makes sense from the standpoint of CONCORD may sanction the War, but it should not aid the wardeccing corp. This would open up a lot of political play by making wardeccers rely on either POS sticks to base out of or arrange docking rights in allied structures.

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^^Merc since 2009, I loved the Bounty System and the others who enjoy the play style also saw it as a mark of honour to carry and hold a bounty. We took it as a slap in the face when CCP removed it.
Why do most of these guys think PvP and conflict needs to be punished and penalized? When did eve become a game where the guys who pvp are now griefers and unwanted?
PvP should be and was the thing that keeps the game alive. I see this carebear mentality of punish and wipe out PvP as the cancer to be removed.
This pattern has existed in other games since the beginning of msdos. The carebears push this narrative all the way until no one is left but them endlessly farming with no one in the way and the population goes to 10% or less of its peak and remains there.
PvP should be rewarded and incentivized. CCP should create conflict instead of eliminate it.
We dont need peace, We need war… for all and within reason.

Peewhores… pfffft

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War isn’t a criminal act. It makes no sense for the private companies that own stations to deny docking access to entities that aren’t breaking the law, unless those entities are at war with other entities that are affiliated with these NPC organizations, which is applicable to something like FW.

Your idea would only serve to further push players who declare wars into forming huge, unassailable groups that are able to defend the structures out of which they’d be forced to base. That’s the opposite of what this game needs right now.


Are any of the IChooseYou markets in danger? Sh!t I’m a professional truck driver in American and haven’t been able to find a wifi place to get on recently. All kinds of stuff happening when I’m on a load going from Georgia to Denver…dang it.

ICY is the same people under the different guise. Dude I drive also, Google Visible. Its on Verizon so works best outside of cities.

Yes, Goonswarm has war decced IChooseYou.

Someone chose poorly.

It’s sure getting interesting, so are we going to be seeing fraternity fleets in perimeter ( sorry I meant horde ) .

Now if you gank some of my least favourite null groups I may take you up on your offer :smiling_face:

This will irreparably damage the legitimacy of these types of player stations in high sec, no?

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Legitimacy? That infers it being a natural result. Get rid of war hqs and pandering to nullsec and you will see natural and legitimate results.

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2023.06.23 00:23:44
I have so much junk to move

The end is approaching…