TTT Drama

You’ve got almost 5 full days to move stuff. I think you will be ok.

I learned a long time ago, shortly after CCP implemented Upwell Structures, not to store anything in them other than a single round of ammo or scrap metal. Basically served as a place marker in Assets to easily set destination when needed.


Press the Asset Safety button?

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The Keepstar is offline

No Market, No Jump clones

You’ve got almost 5 full days to move stuff. I think you will be ok.

I can’t get my High-grade Jackak set out

not even when you dock there and try to swap clones ?

We can only hope that a LOT of very very expensive clones and ohter assets vanish when the Keepstar is unanchored. Anyone who feeded money to the blocs by using the TTT deserves no better. It’s just Karma. -_-



Thank you @Gerard_Amatin , you’re right. When the hull timer starts all modules are offlined.

From the ccp help page:

So @Iceacid_Frostpacker , you’ll have to sweat it out a bit until Friday morning, see if the ks survives the hull timer. That’s your only chance to get the clone out. The cards on the grid will be shuffled, as usual, as more wardecs became active in the mean time.


Pretty sure the reinforcement timer forcefully shut off the clone bay and other services.

It was predictable that clones would get stuck there once the first fights happened, which is why you’d never put valuable clones in structures that you cannot defend.

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Et tu Brutus !

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100% Suffer before you die if you supported TTT or ICY.

Praise to all those who chose to do business out of NPC stations and pay the higher tax just to not support this corrupt system between Pandemic Horde and CCP.

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The vast majority of highsec denizens neither knows or cares about silly nullbear drama. It’s just another station. They haven’t committed any high crimes.

For such a corrupt system CCP sure did screw them over.

Pandemic Horde, Solyaris Chtonium, Fraternity and a few other joined the wars to “save” the TTT. I was there on grid when the armor was at 100% all the way to 30% to watch things. The defenders basically didn’t even try. They just warped around and took a few potshots. I also noticed 30 of Fraternity on grid had killrights on them, but they were too expensive to be worth purchasing.

If the defenders didn’t want to help TTC, that would be understandable. They lost to the Imperium in null sec, so maybe they were afraid they’d lose to them in high sec (even though no capitals mean it is a whole new ball game). If they thought this was a losing battle, not feeding the enemy makes sense.

But then why join the war at all? The kill board seems to suggest the defenders are getting some small gang kills on the attackers and a few mid sized fights in places like Jita. However the defenders didn’t actually defend TTC’s keepstar. This is kind of the point of the war. I thought I’d actually be cheering for Fraternity for once, but they didn’t actually defend. Why not just sit by and watch the show if they won’t defend?

Its prob just a political showing.

Well part of the problem was Pandemic didn’t bother deccing Goons, just the random other corps so they couldn’t actually shoot them and just had to watch them shoot it. It was peak pandemic

This upheaval is a big boost for courier contractors; all 5000m3 I had in TTT was moved out in half an hour after setting one up, from halfway across the map. For a lot of folks, one jump to 4-4 is all they need. Don’t forget to set a collateral: your insurance, in case of accidents :slight_smile:


Nah the bounty system has always been bad, there isn’t really a way to do it that can’t be gamed by the system, even the current percentage value was easy enough to exploit by artificially raising the price of an item nobody wanted so that the killmail was artificially inflated so you could claim more of the bounty than should have been claimed

I mean if you think you have managed to come up with a system that cannot be exploited and is 100% fair for everyone then by all means share it, so we can prove that it is neither :slight_smile:

Only clones that are still in the bay are at risk, asset safety will protect literally everything else inside the station

Yeah one jump 62500 mm or smaller for one jump isn’t all that hard as long as you aren’t a cheapscape. It shouldn’t’ be difficult for most people to get their stuff out. I’m laughing at these freighters that go down though, I mean seriously cargo expanders during a time when everyone knows there will be a lot of traffic? Making 7 jumps from elsewhere to Jita that doesn’t go through Perimeter is probably safter than that 1 jump if you’re going expanded bulkheads.

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