Tutorial gone?

From personal experience the starter tutorial is fine, this is how you move, this is how you warp, this us how you shoot etc. It’s the career tutorials that are rubbish: they explain very little, there’s no consistency, you need a tutorial to do the tutorials.

I can fully understand if many new players wouldn’t get past the career tuts and just give up.

I think CCP removed it so players could make new clones quicker. Probably after realizing that 99.9% of new clones are actually just alts and not new players to Eve online but it still helps boost the NPR numbers so the ends justify the means.

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I asked in rookie chat about this, ISD someone or other said you have to file a ticket and they will reset it for you.
To me this seems stupid, if you dock during the tutorial it turns off, then you waste supports time getting it turned back on (provided you even know to send in a ticket in the first place, which I would be willing to bet very very few new people do) and eventually dock again and then the dammed thing off.
Friggin brilliant.

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