Twitch Integrations!

In EvE Online, streamers cry if I glance at their stream, so imagine my surprise when I realized in other games it’s acceptable to not merely streamsnipe, but developers add “twitch integrations” so you can remotely disrupt the gameplay!

In 7 Days to Die, viewers can utilize commands to delete the other player’s inventory, or teleport them into danger! What a great idea, imagine if in EvE you could disable a streamer’s armor rep, turn off their gun, or force them to jump the gate! Wow, you could even disable or destroy their vehicle! Maybe we can get a 7 Days to Die crossover event, bringing some much needed zombies into EvE Online!

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I would add to the menu:

-change the safety settings to red (or to green) at random
-abandon drones
-jettison cargo
-random bookmarks
-jump jump jump!
-booooosh em!
-ungroup guns
-swap ammo
-overheat everything
and of course, activate self-destruct :star_struck:

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