Twitch ship giveaway - name our project car

Hi all, as some know i do alot to help any childrens charity so we have been busy building a project car which will be attending All Japan Day, this is an event that raises funds to help four childrens charities, the next large event is in February and we will be driving 4000km’s, this vehicle is an on going project and will be on both twitch and youtube when we aren’t doing our normal airbrush art streams.

Now as all EVE players are good at naming their ships, we want you to put that skill to work in naming this project car, up for grabs for the best name will be a fully fitted Tempest valued at half a bill, go to our Twitch page, hit the discord link and get into the contest channel and drop a name for her, the best name wins! Thats it.

Discord: GrimAirbrush
Twitch: Twitch

Good luck!

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Well, I owned a black Nissan 370Z GT-Academy Edition a while ago, with the Name “Malice” (from the Amarr AT Assault Frigate) written on the rear where normally the “370Z” badge is. Raised quite some questions, especially because I also removed any Nissan Logos and did a fair bit of Carbon Part optical tuning with orange accents on the car. And since it is quite a rare sight in Europe, most people had no idea and wondered what the heck a “Malice” is. :slight_smile:

I don’t have an idea what car you will want to use as base for your project car, but if it has an aggressive/sporty look and u chose a dark/black/golden Paintwork, the name “Malice” is quite fitting. Cheers!

Cheers wasn’t sure which to post it in

bumping this up, contest is still going

Guys there is 4 days left to get a name in for this project car, click our discord link on our twitch page at: Twitch

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