Typhoon Fleet vs Scorpion Fleet

I have been trying to decide between the two…lvl 4 missions and whatnot. This ship will likely not leave hisec. Like many others i played for several years, many years ago. I picket up Echoes and bashed through almost two years before i couldn’t take it anymore…my guy has 42m sp and ive got just over a Bisk.

AFAIK scorpion is meh ish : it has 8 effective launchers and a bonus to 25% to shield EHP and rep (from the -20% bonus to res).
phoon fleet has 8.5 effective launchers, PLUS 2.75 effective turrets, and a good +37.5% explosion velocity/tracking though it won’t be much help since you will shoot the small targets with you 1400. However you will likely need some PG rig/module/implant to be able to use it fully.

So my advice is to use the phoon.

Scorpion navy is a ship to chill in missions. dont care about how many ships attacks you ! very tanky and you can shot one by one very chill.

Typhoon fleet is a ship to fly way more active. you need to care how many ships attacks you but you can shot theese easier !
btw … dont use 1400 on a phoon fleet … you maybe hit 2 ships before they run down your tracking ! if you wanna mix weapons then only with 6 launcher and 2 x 650mm AC´s ! way better tracking and they have good DPS !

have an easy chill ship or a harder flewn more active ship.


Personally I say the Phoon FI is better because of the missile bonuses.

I don’t run mine with ACs or arty. I use one of the highs for drone control range and I have a T2 cruise missile setup.

I pop all the elite frigs with precision ammo, then switch to fury and let either my light or sentry drones clear all the fluff. If there’s anything left to clear up after I’ve popped the battleships and battlecruisers, I swittch back to precision and mop up as I head to the next pocket.

It’s a pretty chill experience and my tank holds up just fine in any L4.


Thanks for the input. I went with TFI.
Just three hairs over 1k dps drone control range out to 105km, cruise furies to 111km (130km for navy), and armor tank. Ill post the fit in the morning and I get to work so I can log in :joy:


I have Typhoon/Typhoon Fleet for many years. This ships have another interesting characteristic that is speed tanking, for a battleship they are fast and have a low Sig. Radius, as an example Typhoon Fleet can do above 400m/s with afterburner and have 320m sig Radius, even Angels BSs have troubles do track it.


For added hilariousness use a MWD on it. That was one of my favorite mission ships until I had it blown up due to a miscalculation. You can burn away very fast and then pick off rats at your leisure.

And cap stable at that just buzz around at range and pop frigs, been a blast so far

Ive got a crazy modded AB, and an mjd, warp in and mjd out to range.
Lol mwd would be fun tho 1300 m/s in a BS

MWD on a Typhoon FI is great.

Assuming you’re armour tanking, your tanking duration will take a bit of a hit, but you can still get like 7 minutes of tank on it if you throw a couple of cap batteries in the mids. Plus, you know, you can pull 1.2km/s so getting out of trouble is hardly difficult if you don’t let yourself get in too much of a sticky situation.

You lose some potential application, but with the bonuses the ship has you really don’t need more than 2 mids and 2 rigors on it. I run a guidance computer plus target painter, and I drop everything that isn’t a BS or elite frig/cruiser in a single salvo. More often than not I’m using the target painter for my drones anyway.

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Im totally gonna try this…it already flys like a giant vexor the drones become integral to the mission and not just auxiliary weapons. I stuffed her full of med drones, 23 i think, and split the missiles into 2groups of three to reduce salvo time and the mwd would help alot with incoming damage. Fly her like a giant ass cruiser.

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Aye, mine was armor tanked. Was a joy to fly but I messed up and got it totalled in a mission. Nothing to do with cap duration, just pilot error.

Bought a Vargur to get payback… and it has paid itself back already.

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