Ubuntu eveLauncher hangs


It had happened twice to me and luckily I am not carrying any valuable things during that time and thus nothing was lost.

After crash, even after I had logged in, it will keep on freezing. Until I deleted away all the files and reinstalled using the tar file uncompressed.

Do those without issues use the eve launcher or install wine on system but run windows eve?

My system is
Ubuntu 18.04
Nvidia Geforce 970M


I believed I had resolved it. Tried whole day today and did not hang.

I installed wine and use the eve window installer (instead of the packaged eve linux installer) this time.

For those installing wine,
remember to install wine tricks.
And if wine trick fails, (still have the qtwebengine issue), try to install ttf- mscorefonts -installer.

Good luck and happy gaming

Brw i am running the eve.exe file directly

Ubuntu ? Are you able to play Eve on Ubuntu ??
On Steam, there is no “Eve for Linux”.
How are you doing?


There is this EveLauncher once created which seems to stilll work:


Also join the ingame ‘Linux’ channel

Thanks for the information!

I can not imagine using Windows in any of my machines. I’ve been playing eve with wine on ubuntu 18.04, without any problems. However running it trough Steam, directly brought me several problems…Hangs, no keyboard, from time to time, and a freeze of at least 30 seconds, every time I get some notification…I would like to use Steam, as the image quality is top notch, compared with wine…but it seems there still are a few problems.

There is no need. You can install the Steam Linux gaming thing, which is actually just a patched wine version with Vulkan™ support.
After installing that, you can just install any windows game you want.

However, the EVE Launcher is quite sensitive and crashes a lot but with Vulkan™, you may even double your fps in game.

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