UI improvements to the ingame windows

When opening multiple windows i very often get lost in which window is where and the title bars of the windows just blend in. This can get very messy very fast, especially on a smaller laptop screen.

What would help a lot would be allowing the title bars to have a different color or some way to improve readability and contrast. Active/Selected windows should also be better highlighted to better distinguish them from the rest (right now the effect is way too subtle).

The top right buttons disappearing when not hovering the window also doesn’t help to quickly find the title bar.

In short here are 3 major the key takeaways:

  1. The title bars should be much easier to distinguish from the rest of the window
  2. Active window highlights/color changes should be more obvious so that it stands out from the rest of the opened windows
  3. Window edges and corners don’t help with finding the size of the window as everything just blends into each other

I won’t give specific solutions since i’m not an UI/UX expert, but making the windows more easily distinguished between eachother will help me personally a great deal (especially since i play on a laptop)

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Back in the days when we still had this highly color customizable UI, none of these issues existed. You could easily differentiate content display and input areas in window from UI frames, you could have the colors you wanted so that it is easier to identify chars when you alt tab and you didn’t have forced gaps between windows or illogical button highlight behavior.

But then Light shone upon us and washed all the good things away.


i understand why they did some of the changes, but there are improvements that can be made.
fitting every new feature and new window into the older UI would have been a nightmare for the devs so they streamlined it. they just went a bit too far with the simplification in my opinion.

this is an exageration done in paint, but i think it illustrates what i’m saying quite well:
before image

after image

This is one reason I remove all transparency.

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I’d like an ability to dock them to each other. My main problem is windows way too easily overlap with each other. If they can be glued together by borders and moved together by dragging any of them, it would be great, at least for me.

i just forgot to turn down transparency for the screenshots. i was experimenting to see which settings get the best UI experience.

You can dock them and have multiple tabs inside a single window

that’s not a solution to the problem of not being able to see a window on top of another window and vice-versa. and most things i do in eve require me to have 2 or more big windows open at the same time.

for example, for industry (manufacturing and research) i have to check the prices of bpc in contracts, the prices of the materials (market window, buy order window etc), the calculator, the hangar window and the industry window. switching between these windows, making direct comparisons and calculating cost/profit is not easy at all.

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