UI Throttle Control change


(Dex Grif) #1


Would it be possible to enlarge the buttons to the highlighted area so that they are easier to click?


(Old Pervert) #2

I now know of one person that actually clicks those buttons.

Question, why do you click those buttons, and why on earth would you need them to be bigger?

(Cade Windstalker) #3

Two people, though I click the + more than the - by far. Generally I use the keyboard shortcut for zero velocity.

(Lukett MyDabb) #4

I find the minus one pretty useful when i click jump to go somewhere and i realize I’m going the wrong direction, then i don’t jump. the plus is only needed to reverse when you choose to truly slowboat and click on a part on the left side of that macaroni thing.

(elitatwo) #5

CTRL+SPACE stops your warp or in warp does prevent jumping the gate.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #6

Guys been playing well over a decade and while i knew i could click on the bar to select speed i did not know the + - did anything until now

(system) #7

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