Can be option of hyperjump when u press one button on supers when u decide where u want to jump but need to click wich take like 2s and might be critical in some moments
For example u have jump on “J” or ect that u dont need to press all this buttons u just see that enemy warp to and u press button and gone in hyperjump

You can already do this by having the jump drive navigation window up and ready to go constantly. The drawback is that you won’t be able to interact with the rest of the UI without dropping focus on it.

I don’t think this is a good idea because it just serves as a safety net for bad players who aren’t paying attention. Yeah, it might take 2 seconds right now, but that’s part of the trade off. If you want more safety, you should be paying more attention to the game.

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one simple Question

1 Fleet of supercaps ( only an example Situation )
3 different Target Systems
3 Different Cyno´s
You can set a shortcut to jump, lets say its “J”

All 3 Cyno´s are UP and the FC called YOU to jump to XXX and not to ZZZ and also not to YYY
You hit the “J” and where you will jump ? to the Right Cyno ? so its good that you Need to choose your target System otherwise you will jump to the wrong place.

other Situation is your nullsec Home Space. 89162304761ß93847627ß Trillion Cyno Beacon -> which one you would jump to press “J” ?

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