UK Player Looking for a Crop (Main 195mil SP and Alt 115m SP)

Hello there,

I am looking for a corp to join, i have been playing on and off since 2004, i came back last Nov and play about 30hrs a week more if you ask my wife. I am 45 years old with a boy of 11, so life is sometimes busy. I am in the UK and play most evenings and a good bit of the weekends, and when working from home on a Tuesday/Thursday

What i am looking for -
PvP as much as possible, i have mainly flown in Pirate gangs and large null fleets but i am starting to find my feet in solo, all be it slowly. I am happy to train and fit any doctrines required.

A group of people to fly with, kill stuff and have a bit of banter, HAVE to be active. and not in a building stage, well established and just looking for a few more numbers.

I fancy Wormhole space again but it has been a good few years since i lived there.

What i am not looking for
I have lived in Null with INIT and done the TIDI massive fights and its not for me, they were Great people, just a play style i was not enjoying

Also not looking to join a FW Corp.

MienD had roughly 196m Sp and my main all in PVP

Wee Haggiss has about 115m SP and is a jack of all trades

any questions please ask in here or in game


Hi mate! I’m hoping were exactly what your looking for.

We are a UK C4 PVP group, small-gang with the occasional mid-gang stuff. Were not massive but we can form decent, we do take a lot of fights outnumbered.

The main thing about our corp though is the corp culture. We enjoy regular banter, laughs and play a lot of other games together. Ideally were looking for pilots who want a group to bond with and roll with long term. A lot of us have been flying together for a long time. If you interested in a chat, drop by our discord!

Recruitment Ad


You Are Welcome With Us

If you’re looking for as much PvP as possible, faction warfare is what you’re looking for.

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