Um is this allowed?

yesterday evening someone rolled a 1 day old toon named Serenity Liarslayer with my portrait and proceeded to troll in jita , impersonating me at my expense.

Now, someone just start trolling in jita local with my EXACT same name…

is this a game hack they are using? i already reported but this is stupid now.


One is a capitalized i. Ticket it


How can they be “EXACT” when they aren’t?
Why are you lying.


It appears to be the same name. One uses a lower case ‘L’ while the other uses an upper case ‘i’. l I like that


Impersonation isn’t permitted no.


Submit a ticket… This is not permitted.


It’s an old trick. There are some letters that you can use in different style to imitate someone’s else name.

And I think it is permitted as long the name its not exactly the same one.

impersonation, which is what is happening, is not permitted.

you should not be trying to take the name of someone else’s character on TQ. And furthermore if you do so and attempt to pass yourself off as them, you’re going to have problems.

This is from @CCP_Logibro from the old forums 5-29-2017

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over 1 day later and no reply while this guy is in jita local going nutty

The only one i saw in Jita local is you.

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Its some butthurt loser. Reporting is a good idea.

Impersonation is very much prohibited. Please file a support ticket so CCP Staff can look at it.

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