Unable to refresh token

After an hour of trying to log in using the launcher, I kept getting an unable to refresh token error. I restarted the launcher 3 times. The computer twice. and still no completion. I was in the middle of a flight that left me in space, that simply disconnected me, and then an hour of chasing a reliable login. After this many years of developing this game, shouldn’t logging in be one of the easiest things players can do?

This along with the delayed execution of commands issued to flight controls. Click once, then you have to repeatedly click to make sure the ship heard the commands. This shows me that this can be a designer error, that’s not getting reviewed by the QC area. It’s almost like ‘trust me bro, i know what i am doing’

With the amount of money paid for this game, shouldn’t we expect a little better in the basic operation of this game? I’m not saying the min-max of the game, it’s the basics: logging in and flying( connectivity is the bottom line for all you ‘in between the lines readers’)

The DDOS that was/is/will be affecting the server is a known issue that CCP has allowed us to know about. I get that part. They have done a lot of prevention in that area. But if a subscriber cannot play the game after paying a month/ 3 months/year of subscription, shouldn’t there be some consequences?

I am not saying every person that claims to have a connectivity issue be reimbursed a 3 month subscription, but a group set aside to find out how/why/can these issues be fixed. How can they be forecast?

Please help?

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