Unanchoring Structure Heist Service from YOUR Corp/Alliance

I’ve been debating making this public for a while now, but I’ve had plenty of success from “contacts” already i’ll go ahead and open this up with references.

Keepstar Heist
Sotiyo Heist

Stolen Horizon

Keepstar Steal

Unanchoring Structure Heist Service

  • You will remain anonymous.

  • You will receive 50% of the value of the stolen goods immediately on success.

  • ISK will be paid to your neutral alt to avoid ESI.

  • We also shoot your going abandoned structures.

My number one goal here is to keep my customers anonymous while filling both of our wallets.
This is the hands down cheekiest advert i’ve ever put up, but let’s do it.

Add “Benxd#8308” via Discord or “IamTiredChoosingNames” ingame.


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