Uncollateralized Bond for 3+ Months (200B held / 0B available)

Feel free to Contact me on Discord anytime with questions: NightFox Avedon#6053

Previous Loans: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/closing-of-30b-collat-loan/
Also a lot of Private Discord Brokered Loans/Investments.

Duration: 3 Months minimum, possibility to last up to a year.

Purpose: Taking advantage of a new market opportunity.


B-Shares - 50/50 Billion

Interest Rate: 5% to be paid on the 15th of every Month
Cash Out: 2 Week Notice after minimum 3 Month Investment
Shares: 30 Shares of 1B each.

Katanis Paaltomo - 10B
Stev Rogers - 10B
Lord Hook - 30B
Tiddle JR - 20B

A-Shares - 150B Invested - [CLOSED TO NEW INVESTORS]

Interest Rate: 7% to be paid on the 15th of every Month
Cash Out: 2 Week Notice after minimum 3 Month Investment

Probag Bear - 90B
Destron Aurilen - 30B
Obsidian Blacke - 20B
Martin Hartl - 10B

investment aprooved, was always happy with investments into Nightfox

I’m flying today, no access to reliable internet, but I want to reserve 50 B shares

@probag_Bear Noted and Op is edited with this.

With Probag included, all currently available shares are spoken for at this point!

I’ll be sending my isk tonight

Edit: 40b was sent last night

50B sent

@Brock_Khans @Martin_Hartl @Obsidian_Blacke Destron Aurilen I want to buy out your shares for 1.06bil per bil or so. +6%. Contact me if interested.

I have sold my 40b in shares to @probag_Bear

Op has been updated with the buyout

Purchasing 10B of shares.

First month investment dividends paid out in full as of now!!!

Can confirm receipt of first month’s dividends.

Ill take remaining, 30 bil? Isk to who? NightFox Avedon ?

I got the payout for the first month, thx mate, always happy with your service

Yeah to NightFox Avedon is fine, I will add you to post when ISK is received.

Is there anymore shares available?

Not currently no

DM me on Discord and we can discuss it actually. Debating on open up some more shares as things are going really well.

How many more you thinking, I’d be interested in some more

Possibly opening up to 100 more shares