Unconventional Procurer Tactic


Every time the OP makes a thread he’s sure to proclaim how awesome he is to then, through facts and statements, prove that he’s mostly clueless.

He’s an EVE noob with a big appetite for ego satisfaction. Fits right in. He’ll be with us for a long time.

We love you, Alistair!

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I’m an EvE noob who make a 1b a week passively now…

I mean yeah. I started from nothing.
But I talk shjt till I figure it all out and then move on to the next thing to hammer on.

I’ve mastered pi.

I’d say Ive mastered Industry about as far as I care to.

I’m only hindered by haulage now.

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No offense, but this kind of self-declaration of mastery is a sign of this:

No not really. Lol

I’m growing faster than you I bet.

Also I definitely mastered Pi.

That’s just a fact. I’m turning over like 2b isk a day…passively. with one Omega.

Yep. But that doesn’t explain the urge to tell everyone else about his ‘mastery’.

Yea me too, I’ve completely mastered industry as far as I care. I’ve made some ammo and that’s it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it accomplishes your purpose thats all there is lol

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