Underhand airline Like pricing activity

Ever since the new webstore when I try and reactivate a alt sub offer for £11.99 it cant be found only the £15.99 standard deal. Unless I use a in private browsing window, shame on you CCP! since when have you acted like a budget airline?


I understand your frustration. I am, however, reminded that it’s fairly standard corporate practice that, if consumers want bargains, they have to hunt for them.

Not saying I agree with it, though.

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You find it under “Special Deals” when you go to the Account Management page, in the top right:

However I do see that the https://store.eveonline.com/specials site returned an Error 404 - Page not Found.

@necronarcosis or are you talking about a regular sale?

the specials offer link under your login name now only takes you to store.eveonline.com
once there it does not show the £11.99 1M alt sub offer only the £15.99 standard sub.

If you do the same thing using a private browsing window it takes you the the old page where its available. Just like checking EasyJet for a flight one day, then the next only to find it goes up by 10%! So you Use the private window again and the old prices magically are available.

Its a shame but not entirely unexpected since the takeover from the dark overlords.

I only get a “Page not Found” when I click my “Special Deals” link.

try a private window.

Just pay the higher price and support the dev team.

It is still a good deal. Have you any idea how much time and efforts are required to bring that much value for your buck?
EVE is the best game on the market right now in terms of value, entertainment, depth of mechanics, social connection, graphics and sound quality…
When I started playing this game not long ago my plan was to buy PLEX and play as an Alpha.
Now that I understand and see how awesome the game is, I will be Omega and pay for PLEX too as soon as my internet is open here at home.
The Devs deserve a great big salute for their work and CCP deserves to be supported by its players.
What would it take from me? A couple of McDonald’s meals. Booohoo hoo

EDIT: I haven’t eaten at McD’s for at least a decade. I should have mentioned Subway instead. Much more healthier food.

Like any relationship, that between the player and the game undergoes adjustments and vicissitudes. What is wholly enthralling at the start may become stale and deeply unsatisfying.

It’s important for me to regard EVE as a long-term project, in which it is my own responsibility to unearth the treasures which lie within it, and to profit from them, ‘materially’ or in other ways. I am still enjoying myself in this crazy relationship, but then, I was never the one-night-stand type.

You’re just beginning your journey. Take your time, make plans, be spontaneous when spontaneity is called for and cautious when you smell a rat (there are plenty of those…). Above all, have fun - whatever you deem ‘fun’ to be. :grinning:

I think it depends on how you play the game and, most importantly, why.

Very well stated.

Thank you for the advice!

Yes, you’re right. This is, however, what happens to some players. They’re called ‘bittervets’ and their presence is something of a drag on the positivity expressed by many others. Having achieved ‘veteran’ status, they become bored and spiteful, seeing little good in anything or anyone connected with the game. Yet they cannot relinquish it. They feel trapped.

Such people exist in Real Life too, of course. I avoid them like the plague. Thanks for encouraging me to revisit this topic; it’s always interesting.

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I can see that in this forum, but also in a lot of forms of the game I have played.
Nothing is good enough for them, everything is mediocre, they say that the devs don’t work well enough, fast enough, criticize everything.
I call them Never-Happy players.
And they do great disservice to every game they’re involved in. It’s a shame and I’m fully against anyone who criticizes someone else’s work for selfish purposes when they themselves couldn’t do a tenth of what the devs do.

They built that trap for themselves but yell at anyone who tries to free them from the metal jaws.

All they do is bring people down with their malcontent and endless complaining.

Thanks for being part of the solution. It starts within each and everyone of us.
They say that having the right tools is half the job, well, having a good attitude makes up a big part of the other half.

Have you reported it or opened a ticket? because clicking on the specials button works fine here, I’ve tried it on a few accounts, no need to use private browsing or anything:

Not sure why its taking you to that link, mine links to secure.eveonline.com/store/specials

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not my only paid account, get back under your bridge.

I didn’t say you only had 1 account.
Why do you feel targeted when I mention Never-Happy players?

No need to be nasty about it.
I don’t own a bridge either or I would charge for cars to cross it.

But that statement shows how dark your heart is.

I’ve been away from the game for quite a few years but did notice a long time ago they stop sending me reactivation offers and with Eve being the most expensive game subscription out there, it’s difficult to get your accounts going again after so long away.

Today’s Capitalism, baby!!

Eliminate competition.
Fleece the customer for all they’re worth.