Understanding the conclusion of 'The Blood-Stained Stars'

I finished the infamous SoE mission arc last night and I don’t really understand what happens at the end.

So i’m bringing Dagan to the prison transport while the sister is telling me to relax. A giant drone appears in the distance and nobody seems to care. When I report back to my commander his dialogue indicates to me that he is also confused, I think?

Why does the drone appear? Why does the sister warn me not to fire no matter what I see, is she aware of what’s about to happen? Or maybe there is just more to this story that I haven’t unlocked yet.

Any explanation is greatly appreciated.


I think dagan got blowen up

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The way I figure it, the SOE have relations with at least one hive of rogue drones which no-one else does. They’re not particularly hiding it, but they are not acknowledging it publicly.


If I remember correctly, the Sister you talk to also refers to you as “Your kind”. Did she mean capsuleers? Probably.

Could she mean humans and she’s a rogue drone in a meat suit? Maybe.


It’s clearly that.


Because the “SOE” Vod you by the nose.
Dagan Agent The Society of Conscious Thought. He was sent to find out about the weapons “pre-Jove” which was at Amarr:

SOE needed someone who will deliver Dagan to them. And this is you.
Afterwards, “Isogen-5” The Seyllin Incident. Thoughts therein.

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it is one of the reason of why I think the SoE are bad for the cluster, they are all linked to cluster-wide threat.
and the fact they were awfully silent during the kyonoke incident ^^’

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What you do not understand is not automatically a thread.
That most of “our kind” thinks so is the problem with “our kind”.

Fire first talk later MAY be not the only solution to problems…maybe other unkown faction in the cluster act regarding to this wisdom and ignore “our kind” for what we are…

We are simply not evolved enough…

to me, looks like the sisters of Eve are the bene gesserit. Don’t trust them.

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What is interesting, you, as capsuleer, can work for rogue drones also. Parchanier planet VI moon 5. But these misions are hard, best to do them in some kind of passive tanked Gila.

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You’ve got my tin foil rattling

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