Undock button needs to be distinct

I think he’s talking about the button, not about the text.

In the old UI there is no mistake to find the undock button, it’s the biggest button top right.

Aren’t we suppost to read the text? Why do we have text on buttons?

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Text on buttons is to explain the function when you’re looking for the right button.

I do agree with Kaizen that the undock button is a lot more important than the - very situational - board my corvette button, and that it should be distinct from the board my corvette button by more than text only.

So, the solution is to read the text. Do you normally go clicking buttons on your computer without reading the text? Do you click buttons on your mobile without reading the text on the buttons?

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‘Look at me I can read let’s just make all buttons bland and identical and let people distinguish by reading’.

Have you ever wondered why people design some buttons to look different than others? Apparently not, you’re missing out.


So… should we remove the text from the buttons and have different shapes instead?

If people aren’t reading the text, why not just remove it then? Makes localisation easier.

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While that would work well for people experienced with the game, it might cause confusion for first-time users.

This is why there is this hybrid shape+text concept for buttons, to help both new and experienced players.

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Ok so remove text after 30 days on a character?

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And alienate people who came back to the game after some years?

Why do you have to overcomplicate things?

They can biomass to reset the text?

You’re complicating things with all these different shaped buttons.

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Sure, they can… :roll_eyes:

Good UI design is intended to make things more simple, intuitive and less complicated for users.

Yes, that’s why we put text labels on buttons, so they can read them to know which button to push.

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The text is tiny and easily mistaken in the host of buttons of the same size, color and style. There is no reason whatsoever to make people read the text when the UI should easily tell you with colors and button style what to do before you have to waste time and energy on the much more difficult task to decipher text.

That is why the Undock button has a different style in the old UI in the first place. This is superior UI design


than this




It has different letters and length.

There is no reason whatsoever for people to read the label on what they press? You must have lots of malware on your machine. I can see why they won’t let you near a nuclear power plant or anything critical with buttons.

It’s telling you with text. Clearly. It literally tells you what it does.

You remind me of people on the other end of the telephone talking to tech support. Tech support tries to tell them which steps to take and what buttons to push, the user is 100 steps ahead of them pressing everything they don’t want them to press and in the end it’s so bad tech support has to tell them to just restart the computer to get them to hang up.

You remind me of people like CCP Unison and CCP’s UI team who think that making buttons with dramatically different functions use the exact same design style. That is why people like you fall for malware scams because they don’t pay attention to buttons because they look the same and have the same text as legitimate buttons. If only there were fewer people like you in the world, then we’d get things done better.

Button text is auxiliary to the button design. The design itself should tell you what you can expect from it without having to rely on text. If text was so important, we’d not need a button outline at all. Just make everything lines of text. That’s why text consoles are so popular among users. Right?



Imagine the UI with a DISTINCT shape for EVERY button in the game. It would be a nigthmare. There is not enough space or shapes in the world for that.

Read the text. Stop clicking buttons so fast without reading text. Control your actions.

So instead of reading text, I have to memorise thousands of distinct shapes? Lol?

I don’t need to imagine that because it is pointless and not what I expect from a UI. Not every button needs to have a different design. For instance, Take Control and Look Outside in the UI don’t need a different design because they do similar things. But Undock does not do the same thing at all, hence it needs a different button style/color to make this clear.

Expecting every button to have a different shape or style is just as stupid as saying that you should read the text in buttons. Especially since the buttons in EVE don’t always have enough space to allow all the text to be displayed in full.

If you insist on reading the text then you should tell CCP that they should not make it small letters and keep the upper case letters. That makes text easier to read in buttons in EVE. Turning them into lower case letters and giving them a background shade to make them less crisp makes the text harder to read and hence even more difficult to use.

Coupled with your stupid suggestion to give everything a different shape. Besides, what CCP has planned for “unique button design” as shown during fanfest is going to make the use of buttons even worse than relying on reading text.


I did propose to remove the text from the buttons if it traumatises you so much to read it…

See Undock button needs to be distinct - #8 by Emotional_Support_Clown

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I already gave you an answer to that clownish proposal.

Undock should indeed be styled differently. Primary and secondary actions often have different styles to signify the differences between. Historically Undock has been a different button color and style from the other buttons as it was the primary action that users take in that section of UI. It would be nice to use some color as well there.