Undock button needs to be distinct

I already gave you an answer to that clownish proposal.

Undock should indeed be styled differently. Primary and secondary actions often have different styles to signify the differences between. Historically Undock has been a different button color and style from the other buttons as it was the primary action that users take in that section of UI. It would be nice to use some color as well there.



Can we stop namecalling and just discuss the issue at hand, namely the easily mistakeable buttons?

Why do you argue common sense with a self proclaimed clown?

Sometimes I just enjoy arguing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What if. The Undock is clearly distinct as it is in the current (non-Photon) vs the Board My Corvette button, except that the Board My Corvette button gets some sort of enhance visual when you are in your pod ? The Undock would remain the same at any time, but the Board My Corvette button would change depending if you are in a pod or not (though no annoying fast blinking button).

People who know what they are doing and clearly want to undock in a pod do as they wish, while newbros have some cues that they can board a free ship if they are in need. Aaaaand… an option to turn it off.

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The undock button should indeed be a different color. Text is fine, but colors transcend languages.

Undocking means danger, hence it should be red. IMO

Why does a stop sign generally always have red on it?

Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals