Unexpected gifts

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the pilot’s who sent isk as a xmas gift . It going to help buy skins and skills.
Fleets look so much better when we all fly with the same skin .
There is also the rumour, legend or old wives tale that a fleet painted the same gets a special hidden ccp bonus. I’m not one to go against these rumour and bring us bad luck, so the isk people have sent will help keep us safe too.

After all there’s nothing worse then turning up to an event being improperly dressed or wearing the wrong hat , it’s just like your ships paint finish we need to get it right .

So you can imagine the scene, Xmas morning in our HQ with the piles of doughnuts and piping hot coffee on the snack table and around our decorated tree piles of presents, all wrapped up by Wah in a strange tartan paper , our new Skins and Skills.

Thank you .

( the tree given to us by our minmetar supporters every year)

Ps just in , a number of Alpha skill injectors. Thxs.

Btw I had to make a new post about this as the last post got locked , a common tactic by opposition who will go to any lengths to disrupt our efforts and get threads locked , so alway watch out for new post.


As someone who is invested in skins, I fully support this post.

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