Unexplained Standing major drop

So I hope this is the right section of the forum to ask about this, otherwise well, maybe this forum isn’t for me, LOL…

Yesterday, my standing with the Kaalakiota Corporation was 1.65 and today, for no apparent reason, it’s now at 0.03.
All I did was run a couple of Distributing missions for them yesterday and chose Kaalakiota agent in Amarr sector for a Kaalakiota agent.

I spent months improving my standing with Kaalakiota in order to get some of the taxes down and now I’m back down to 0.03 ??? What the actual bleep happened ?
Is that what EVE is now, besides strictly being a PvP game it also steals actual in-game progress and other stuff as well ?
What’s the point of playing and planning if at every patch I will lose something I worked months getting ?
Why should I start over and improve standing when stupid things like that will likely happen again?
Why should I keep logging in and waste my time doing anything in EVE when it can just be taken away as easily as waving the Patch wand ?

I’ve seen some horrendous statements about what EVE actually is. I’m starting to understand the people who made those statements.

Look at your standings history, it says exactly what happened. Post a screenshot of your standings with them here if you can. I don’t know what happened yet, but I can guarantee the explanation is going to end up being really simple, and you’ll feel stupid for ranting like this.


Are you only guaranteeing that it will be simple? Or are you also guaranteeing that the OP will feel stupid?


Been there done that.

I won’t post anything, I’m no liar. If you can’t believe me then move on.

What’s that yet stuff ? Do you think I’d provide anything to a troll whose only aim is to give people knee-jerk reactions? Yea, I’ve seen your posts, you spend your time insulting people for whatever dark thrill you get out of it.

Go put out a fire somewhere else. This thread isn’t for you, you’re not the center of the universe, either in-game or irl so get over yourself and move on, nothing to see here for you.

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As D.S. said, post a screenshot of your standings history with the corp and we can likely show/answer what happened.


As you are raging and don’t want to be helped.

Please quit, but don’t forget…Your stuffz, can I haz it?


Haha! You vulture… NO, I’m not leaving the game, I’ll just do something else. Plenty of other stuff to do in EVE.

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But seriously, your standings history should say what happened to your standing if it went down so fast.


I asked for a screenshot because I need to visualize what’s going on, not because I don’t believe you.

Anyway, if you just want to rant, and don’t want someone to help you, that’s your prerogative.


It’s okay. I obviously asked the wrong people. It should have been obvious to me to ask someone in-game rather than in this toxic troll-filled forum.
I was hoping for serious answers here… silly me :smile:

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You left a player corp within the last 24 hours or so. Perhaps that corp had standings with Kaalakiota that was as an aggregate more than your derived standings without that benefit.

Also, given you said you took months improving your standings with them, you may want to look into skills that help benefit you in standings gains, such as Connections, trained to at least 3 (and this is ONLY assuming that you don’t have that, unaware of it, etc.) as it shouldn’t take months to improve to 1.65, unless you had large negative standings with them when you started the process.


That was the first thing that came to my mind, along with declining missions. Another (much less likely) alternative is that OP extracted social skill points.

Hence why I said that the answer is probably really simple. But they decided to tell me off instead (after looking up my posting history to boot, considering the forums say this is their first post in a year). Unbelievable.


Hey ! An actual answer ! Thank you, that makes sense, and I didn’t even have to upload a screenshot or get insulted for it :smile: so thank you again.

No, I didn’t have a neg standing, I just take my time is all. I don’t play everyday and EVE isn’t my second life, it’s just a game for me.

Thanks again ! :heart:

I thought they got rid of player-corp standings with NPC-corps, years ago.

Kaalakiota IS an NPC Corp. and I don’t belong to it, I belong to Perkone but had my manufacturing based in a Kaalakiota station for convenience sake… I guess I’ll just change to a Perkone station since I have more standing with them now… just ridiculous.

If I remember correctly, what they did was make those corporation standings not permanent, so they adjusted in real-time to members joining or leaving.

Oh, and players with no standings toward a corporation not being counted as ‘0’ and bringing the average down.

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here.

@Xeux is correct - this player-corp mechanic is pretty much a thing of the past.

Player-corp standings with NPC corps technically continues to exist in game, but it has zero functionality (whereas it used to in the past). I have confirmed this via support ticket some time ago. The one and only player-corp standings mechanic that continues to be relevant is that a player-corp must have non-negative faction standings in order to enlist in FW. Otherwise, they have zero relevance to anything. You cannot use your player’s corp’s standing with an NPC corp to give you access to high level agents that you don’t have personal standings for, for example.

It is not possible to join Kaalakiota corporation, nor would this have any relevance. I should also note that completing missions for one corp doesn’t lower standings with another - you cannot piss off corps this way like you can factions. The only ways to lower standings with a corp are to fail/abort missions, take a decline penalty for declining (non-burner) missions from the same agent within a four-hour window, or by killing diamond mining rats belonging to the respective corporation mining (not applicable here).

If you share with us a screenshot of your standings history, we might be able to identify the exact cause that you have overlooked. Both @Destiny_Corrupted and @J_Poll, which are highly constructive forum regulars, were making a sincere effort to assist you (irrespective of past posts) and did not deserve to be spat upon.


i havent seen anything about the op mentioning corp or pilot standings other than “my standings dropped for no reason, stop telling me to post pics because you dont believe muh!”


I got my answer, thank you.
Is there a way to close a thread or only the forum gods can do that ?

I don’t care what they deserve. I respond in kind. That’s who I am. Don’t like it, don’t post or reply to me.

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Another troll… This forum is chock-full of them :roll_eyes:

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Believe it or not, you are one, too.

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