[UNF-A][Humanitarian Aid] Lirsautton VI Medical Response

(Ioannis Sepphiros) #57

S-ICH not even an hour ago passed officially to UNF-A our decision for clearing our personnel that were granted at the beginning of this operation as were requested from UNF-A at the time. We expect this procedure to take 2-4 days, while cooperating with UNF-A to give them time to find the necessary personnel so a humanitarian aid isn’t disrupted.

Although, I wont get into details about the reasons behind this decision, sufficed to say that are of ethical reasons as to the approach of this aid in an operational manner. This decision reflects also the majority of our personnel on the citadel and the sites.

As an organization with an active presence in humanitarian fronts throughout New Eden, we will look with interest the developments of this situation. In addition, although we placed hopes to this endeavor from the present capsuleers to achieve something noteworthy, we have come to the conclusion that we will look into possible solutions and routes on an organisational level in the coming weeks.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #58

Again Ioannis, I’d like to thank you and S-ICH for your assistance up to this point. It has been most appreciated, and I, on behalf of UNF apologize for the turn that things have currently taken.

We wish you and S-ICH luck with your future endeavors.

We should have replacement personnel ready and in place in about three days.

(kul Shaishi) #59

You know it’s The reason why socialist movement among Jin mei have been sprouting up all over the place and interesting twist it honestly likely that Qí is Supporting the insurgency against the Song-dao.

Also in official Qí propaganda Narrative is “liberate are long lost Brothers and sisters from the tyranny of the cast system”

(Chaim Achasse) #60

While I do not speak in any official capacity for Eve Scout/Signal Cartel, I can say that several of our pilots are concerned about the conditions for the exiles on Lirsauntton VI. We have dropped off food and medicine at the UNF-A’s staging facility, and will continue to provide that support for so long as we can remain true and compliant with our Credo.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #61

After further consideration to this point, more than a week into the ultimatum’s announcement, the UNF has reached a decision. UNF will be transferring the ownership of the groundhub to a corporation with appropriate licensing within the Gallente Federation, who’s CEO maintains their Federal Citizenship.

The groundhub, in its entirety, will be sold to Lucrative Excavations Inc., along with a portion of the UNF’s food and water stockpile stored groundside at bulk discount, while the majority of previously received medical and aid supplies are transferred to Aidonis Foundation free of charge, as was initially planned for.

UNF will be continuing to administer aid up to the ultimatum deadline, and all UNF groundside personnel will be leaving surface within the final hours of the deadline. During this span, full control of the groundhub will slowly be transferred over to Lucrative Excavations, to do with as they see fit once UNF pulls back from Lirsautton VI.


[LUCEI] Lirsautton VI "Sang Do survey"
[RAZSU] Zaibatsu Associated News Institute hub
[RAZSU] Zaibatsu Associated News Institute hub
(Monden Searbier) #62


My name is Monden Searbier, I am the CEO of Lucrative Excavations, a company originally based planetside on Elarel II to dig up raw materials. But much like myself, this company was born in the Federation. I was born on Billie VI, I voted in every presidential election I was eligible for, I raised a family, paid my taxes, and most importantly - I am not a Capsuleer, nor has my company ever employed one

A communication license for me was purchased by the Raata Zaibatsu to speak on this message board. My involvement with the Zaibatsu is simple, the current Patriarch of the Zaibatsu, Huan Yaken, is the majority shareholder of Lucrative Excavations. This however has no effect on my Federal status. And I would like to point out that despite the association, Lucrative Excavations is operating independently under the blessing of the Zaibatsu’s Patriarch. His involvement started and ended with him giving Lucrative Excavations permission to pursue this purchase.

Lucrative Excavation’s documentation and permits to allow purchase and ownership of planetside commercial or industrial property outside its native member state - albeit only two or three months away from expiring - are in order and are valid in Federal courts. If any Sang Do requires a reveiwal of the material, they’re free to get in touch with our lawyer Islania Mongrav and request copies.

Now I suppose the big question is this “Why do we want this facility?” Unfortunately to be the bringing of bad news, it’s not to continue the ongoing medical response started by the UN-F. Lucrative Excavations will be bringing a new purpose to this facility. In the form if being the new HQ for a project we’re excited about.

Still confused? Let me put it like this - Lucrative Excavations is inviting any and all Federal citizens of all ages on Lirsautton VI to come to this facility to take part in a quick survey in exchange for a complimentary hot meal!

Survey takers will be placed in groups of 20 and escorted to an auditorium (A very utilitarian auditorium) where a speaker will say a single complement of a random living Sang Do and the survey takers will be asked to fill out one question on a slip of paper asking them whatever or not they agree that it was a fair compliment - these can be answered anonymously if the taker so chooses. Statistics of answers will be posted in the future, but individual choices will remain confidential.

Regardless of their answer - they will be escorted to a room where they will be treated to complimentary food and water! (As much as we would love to hand out Quafe - my shareholder has stressed that we don’t hand out soda as part of giving us permission). We know the time of the Federal citizens of Lirsautton VI is valuable, and while we can’t compensate them with money. We can with a hearty hot meal! We guarantee that survey takers will leave full and hydrated. Unfortunately, survey takers will not be able to leave the facility with packaged food. As we fear some scoundrels would be tempted to steal some of this delicious food in their possession, with force if necessary.

We know the IGS alone is not the best place to advertise this, so we will be using unarmed civilian-class dropships to drop down flyers not over, but in legal vicinity of the population centers closest to the facility the survey is being held. Unfortunately, the day we’ve already plan to being distributed (10/22/120) is showing signs of having windy conditions based on latest forecast data. We apologize if any of our flyers drift into prohibited areas due to these conditions. These are undoubtedly not the most optimal situation Lucrative Excavations wish to operate in

Now I’m an honest man, so I have to come clean and also apologize for the absolutely manipulative design choice we went for the flyer - I know, it’s bad, but we spent all our time writing a rough map on the back of them leading them to the facility from their population center. We didn’t want to settle with just providing vague instructions. For the actual cover of the flyer however has a very manipulative design choice of us highlighting in bright neon yellow that survey takers will be given a free meal and drink if they come take our survey. The flyers however are already being prepared for distribution sadly, so we apologize in advance for our unimaginative design choice.

We also like to say right away that we apologize again if we offend any locals by having our staff in hazmat suits. The germs of the planet are quite foreign and we’re aware of a rather disturbing flu outbreak on Lirsautton VI and we worry for the health of our workers very seriously. We also apologize for anyone coming to take the survey showing signs of illness. They will still be able to take the test, but will be put in groups of others showing flu symptoms. We mean no offence, but as much as we care for the health of our workers, we care for the people taking time out of their day to help us with our survey. As much as we care for the health of our staff, we care as equally for those coming to the facility to aid us in our quest for data.

Speaking of the flu outbreak, we’re aware of the presence of the Aidonis Foundation on the planet. They’ve been helping afflicted individuals understand their symptoms and aid them in fighting their illness. We here at Lucrative Excavations find their efforts to be noble and would be honored if they would like to use some of the ample space here in the former UN-F facility so that they may cover more ground.

Lucrative Excavations looks forward to the information we hope to gather! Sadly however, I will not be in direct supervision of this project. I have other obligations to the Zaibatsu that I must fulfill. In my stead, my son and CFO @Akels_Searbier will be in charge. He will be joining the IGS soon to ask any questions you may have. At the same time giving a little more info on our mission statement.

[LUCEI] Lirsautton VI "Sang Do survey"
[RAZSU] Zaibatsu Associated News Institute hub
(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #63

Thank you, Mr. Searbier.

I’d like to reiterate to others, that as a foreign entity, both to GalFed and the Jin-Mei, UNF is very limited in options regarding Lirsautton with the ultimatum given, and has been repeatedly met with silence with attempts to reach out to the Sang Do, baseliner and capsuleer alike.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #64

As we move in closer to the deadline, and with the continued silence of private communications attempts to the Sang Do, the UNF would like to publicly ask for the Sang Do to allow more humanitarian aid to pass onto Lirsautton VI, even as we move to comply with their current ultimatum. This request is not just limited to being broadcast here on the IGS, which can have very limited reach, it will be spread to other public GalNet platforms.

The UNF would also like to make an officially apology for any perceived offenses made in the pursuit of humanitarian interest.

(Mitara Newelle) #65

Just like his notions of peace.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #66

Ms. Newelle, I believe you may have made an error in posting location?

(Mitara Newelle) #67

No, I have not. A bit late perhaps, but the correct thread.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #68

ah, I missed Ms. Del’thul’s response earlier in the thread.

(Ret Gloriaxx) #69

Have no fear, the Scope’s Galactic Hour with me, Ret Gloriaxx, is on the scene and reporting to more GalNet platforms than you can imagine possible, throughout known space and beyond!

I can also confidentially reveal that I have brought the plight of the poor huddled masses below, on Lirsautton VI, to the attention of some very special personal friends of the Galactic Hour and me, Ret Gloriaxx.

More news to come, as it breaks, on the Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx.

Keep up your efforts, good capsuleer humanitarians!

Your Galactic Correspondent, on the Galactic Hour,
every Hour, every Galaxy,

Ret Gloriaxx

(Makoto Priano) #70

Mr. Gloriaxx! Did you take on an understudy recently?

(Ret Gloriaxx) #71

Ms. Priano! As you see, all our elite roving reporters are Gloriaxx-levels of handsome and equipped with the finest, immaculately-tailored newshound-wear!

Remember! The Scope’s Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, for your news every Hour, every Galaxy!

Ret Gloriaxx

(Garion Avarr) #72

His dreams of peace may be singed, but they are hardly scraps and very much still alive.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #73

Ah, Mr. Gloriaxx! Thank you for the attention you’ve deigned to spare to this effort! The UNF, and all involved, previous or current, are quite thankful for such an esteemed voice from the Scope to be working on this.

(Vincent Rank) #74

Greetings, As a local to Lirsautton I would like to offer any assistance needed. Extremis R&D is at the disposal of Lirsautton VI.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #75

I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. @Hoovand_Lindus for an interview a few days ago about the humanitarian efforts, and it was recently released.

The UNF is continuing its efforts groundside, and tomorrow night, at 19:00 New Eden Standard, will conclude its groundside operations and transferring remaining aid supplies to the Aidonis Foundation, and will continue to maintain its presence in orbit organizing further supplies to be given over.

(Lauralite Anne Brezia) #76

Mr. Rank, thank you for coming forward. While UNF is pulling from direct ground operations until a response can be gotten from the Sang-Do caste, any material aid that can be provided to be transferred to the Aidonis Foundation on the surface would be most appreciable