UNF Registered Baseliner Transport Lost

Late Sunday evening, a baseliner vessel under retainer to the UNF affialiated corporation Lunar Skies Broadcast Network, was lost, alongside a freelance wayfinder vessel.

The recovered recordings from the wreckages, along with surviving crew testimony show a Gila class vessel closing on, and engaging both the transport, and wayfinder off of a wormhole in the Leremblompes system.

The vessel was transporting one of the Valkyrie pilots recently recovered by the UNF as detailed here.
After a brief struggle, the transport was destroyed, though recovered records show a small number of lifepods were ejected prior to destruction. Most of these life pods were left, and twelve baseliner crew members were recovered, but one lifepod was scooped into the Gila’s cargohold after it destroyed the wayfinder vessel. The stolen lifepod is the one presumed to contain the Valkyrie pilot that the ship was trasporting, as his body was not found amongst the wreckage of the frigate.

At this time, it is assumed that the Gila was able to find both the transport Navitas, and the wayfinder by a low level breach in secure communications, which has since been rectified.

A heavier escort was not provided as the transport was considered a low risk operation with minimal security requirement.

The transponder tag of the Gila class vessel is currently being run across existing registries in hopes of tracking down the culprit in hopes of recovering the Valkyrie pilot.


You know one as wondering what happened. The pilot I recommended you use to traverse the wormholes was so angry at the loss of his ship I could barely understand him.


Presumably, the pilot is now dead. That does seem to happen around these sorts of people. I also presume that Mr. Gogne will be by shortly to make many words about it.

Maybe this is what eventually happened to Fabuleux. In which case…alas, poor thing.


I can only assume this was the pilot making their way to my home? Let me know if any assistance is required in this.

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Unfortunately, that would be the case Mr. Farsaidh. If you can be of any assistance, we will certainly let you know.


That’s life in New Eden though…


That is very true.


Kept you waiting, huh?

Yeah i do admit i love coming out and talking to you Capsuleers. Such a - LOVELY diverse group of people you are. From the batshit insanepsychopaths who would ignite an entire colony on fire for shits and giggles; to pacifists who can’t stand seeing a single mortal man hurt…

Hey do you, i do me in return.

But on topic, i suppose I’ll own up tot this - Afterall I’ve already went and expressed my desire to get my hands on these pilots. Figured i saw a lovely opportunity after it was pubically announced. An oppertunity i so wisely delegated to my trusted advisor to take advantage of. You can’t imagine how proud i am of her.

The pilot is in our hands and boy do i have plenty of questions i need answers to. Make sure he gets comfy too, fresh clone and everything.

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Well…Seems I gloated a bit to soon.

So I had these arrangements to transport our lovely pilot in question out of Empire space by filtering him out form the outgoing traffic from Jita.

But with Goonswarm going on their merry killing spree last weekend, that plan came a screeching halt. While the firework display was impressive, we had to wait for it not only for Burn Jita to come to a close. But also wait for traffic to return to normal.

This ended up being a delay that left us exposed. Something infiltrated our ship and kidnapped our kidnapped pilot we had in holding. Stunning guards and staff aboard the ship the pilot was being held on. Not a single alarmed raised either.

Guess this is what I get for giving Yossika a skeleton crew. Useless lumps of lard slip up and make me look stupid. But, they’ve already been replaced so no point in staying frustrated on their incompetence.

But speaking of things being replaced…In place of where my pilot was to be was a necklace with a silver ankh attached. A calling cards from the looks of it, but the symbolizes is honestly to vague for me to make a connection with. Both insulting and intriguing.

But, at least i got something out of it, you know? Not exactly a valuable piece of jewelry; but might make for a charming accessory with the right outfit. So in an odd way…Thanks to whoever did this.

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You seem to have missed ‘Sneaky sods with a habit of acquiring otherwise inaccessible items, resources and, in this case, individuals’.

I do hope your associate enjoys the absynthe I sent her for the inconvenience.


Well done Mr. Farsaidh. I’m glad that Karve has made his way into your custody.

As for you, Mr. Gogne… Don’t expect cordial cooperation from the UNF in the future. Though, I think you knew that would be the case the moment you had one of your own engage.

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