Troubling news concerning the valkyrie

@Clance_Gogne On a side note, did anything ever come from that Fabuleux incident? I’ve been out of the loop in my home WH and not kept up on that.


I point to my response on the matter

Primarily we went after the case to figure out who exactly did the kidnapping with our tech. Myself curious to know what happened to such a - Fabuleux - entrepreneur.

However Schism’s focus has shifted to the point where I don’t have the time to chase after fashion designers anymore.

All this money and no personal time for me to buy…But I keep an ear out.

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That’s a shame, I’d hoped he and his retinue would be found intact and reasonably sane. A very strange series of events with no good outcome. If we start seeing a particularly well dressed group of pirates operating around the cluster we may have some clue where he ended up.

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I’ll have to see what I’ve got and decide if I want to part with them, but I won’t be parting with all of them. I have plans in motion that require them


My friend, I can respect anyone who at least considers opening up and hears me out on an offer.

Just be sure to be reasonable and let me in on a fair cut of your stockpile. I’m more interested in volume you see. There’ll be more money in it for you afterall!

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Something similar happened in the Placid region, in the Moclinamaud system. There were two pilots recovered, though one is in critical condition due to canopy failure prior to pick up.

Unfortunately, I have no information regarding the whereabouts of the Valkyrie carrier.


I’d certainly pay for a lead on this carrier. But not so we can return these lost puppies. I got a job to do and that job Involves setting these nests ablaze.

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So what do you intend on using the TEBS for?


The same thing the Valkyrie are using the TEBS for. Well, were using them first first. Then Ran Kavik had to come along and jack our style…and our tech along with it.

This is recovery of our property.

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@Lauralite_Anne_Brezia @Woodrow_Ormand

So! How are the puppies doing? They adjusting to their new home yet? Haven’t urinated on the carpet yet? Good, good…

…If you haven’t caught on yet I’m refering to the pilots you’ve recovered. The Valkyrie, the traitors the deadbeat employees that took advantage of our love and care.

As you can see there are many names for them…

Curious to know if they’ve started filling your heads with any wild stories yet of their lives as independent outlaws surviving out in backwater sectors of New Eden.

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No, he hasnt. He actually plans on training my own pilots. Learn from the best, as it were. He also presented the evidence as to why they turned on you, though i personally wouldn’t need such a reason seeing as your pirates yourselves. You play the honourable victim but all I see is another guristas pirate.


The best?

Please…The Valkyrie are nothing more than failures who couldn’t keep up with the expectations Schism had for them. Wash out that were pulled into the valkyrie with sweet words that cuddled them and said “No, you’re just a victim”

We wanted what was best for these pilots! Freedom! Immortality! Money! Everything theu could want we could supply. But we don’t need any of them slacking off. We did what we could to avoid spoiling them. We wanted them to prove that they deserved this life; this priviliage.

But some just couldn’t handle it…Then end up to help Kavik fight her little misguided war against us.

I hope you realize the Valkyrie too are pirates. How else you think they can afford all this equipment? This stuff ain’t cheap, Carriers, biomass, custom built fighters, staff and a fleet to compliment it all…

The Valkyrie have done their fair share of raids. Sure, I they aren’t savagely destroying tiny colonies or anything. But if you don’t think they haven’t knocked over a freighter or fifty to earn what scraps they can then you’re a fool…We and the Valkyrie are of the same cloth.

Now I know our “partnership” with the Guristas may seem confusing. But we’re both seperate entites as it is. We just help them out here and they return the favor. What we got going on ain’t any differnt from their deal with the Blood raiders.

Wouldn’t mind hearing this…

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I am aware they are also pirates, I was just pointing out that you play the honourable victim when you are far from it. And taking what you need is common out in null sec, you see, it’s not uncommon what we capsuleers do. I have defended my former home from guristas for a good 6 months to a year, picking what was useful and using or selling it. And as to what I have been told, is it false that guristas/schism killed these pilots and then lied as to how they ended up where they did? In your caring arms, as it were?


The Science and Trade Institute is pirates? Who knew. Are all of the other civilian graduate programs pirates, too? Pator Tech?

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He claims to be aligned with the guristas, and more specifically, the schism. Those would qualify as pirate I’d think


He claims to be aligned with the guristas, and more specifically, the schism. Those would qualify as a pirate I’d think


This is true.

Sometime before I was “hired” there was a bit of a narrative floating over every pilot’s head that was propped up by my employer.

The Pilots knew they died; just didn’t know we pulled the trigger. We told them we were just some angelic force that plucked them from a hellish Warzone. This narrative was to protect them, ignorance being bliss and so forth.

But much like the lie that some fairy would leave a kredit stick under your pillow in exchange for a tooth. The truth came out and many many were hurt; angry even.

The Valkyrie is what we get for this. The costs for thinking that story wouldn’t get out. Now the Valkyrie can’t shut up for more than five minutes about it. It’s there smoking gun to get people to convert to their childish rebillion. No point in hidding it now, cats already out of the bag.

Yes, its true our “Recruitment program” is questionable.

But want to know what else is true? The value we see in our pilots. Each one earned membership to our organization though display of exceptional skill in action as mere mortals in such a hostile and dangerous profession.

Skill and talent that was squandered slaving away for the Empires and Capsuleer alliances. Expendable assets that can just be replaced with another dupe they recruit from some poverty riddled colony.

Tossed into a craft with paper thin sheets of metal ; these pilots would perish by the dozen. If they didn’t die in this battle, it would be the next one.

Schism liberated them from this vicious cycle. Forcefully? Absolutely - but it was for their own good to open their eyes to see what they can become with our guidance. Far too many have been brainwashed into believe their Empire is for some “Greater good” and score the very existence of our kind

Because we’re free from their grip. Oh so finally free…

We molded their bodies from the ground up to be perfect.

Trusted them with bleeding edge fighter technology.

Paid them like they were kings!

Made them immortal!

We liberated them!

We cut the very strings their masters used to make them dance to whatever national anthem they had hammered into their skull.

What have the Valkyrie done? Nothing. They only cry and call us villains; simply for liberating them from their life as a puppet!

I know what I said regarding “Failures and washouts” and I stand by it. Schism is far from blossoming into the technological marvel it aims to be. The Valkyrie has succeeded in slowing us down exceptionally but we still push on as we have pilots who realize the value we see in them. They work to prove they deserve their place here. They prove they want to see Schism thrive and expand.

We don’t have the time or resources to waste on those that would wast them. They must be cut if Schism is to push on.

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The problem is that you lied to them. That is an icredibly powerful motivator. Then add to that many of those pilots will have been loyal to their Empires for a multitude of reason. Then you bring them back from death, lie to them, and turn them against family, friends, colleagues , and Empire.

You really can’t be surprised that a great many turned against you. Loyalty is not earned through lies, though you may be surprised that I share your view of the Empires in general.

Add to that you ‘recruited’ a distant family member of mine, I always believed his word above yours on this matter. On that basis I openly offer my assistance to Ran Kavik and the Valkyrie on any science, research and manufacturing assistance they require.


As I said - the Valkyrie is what we get for thinking we could get away with it. Won’t happen again, otherwise we will risk opening a third front with another splinter faction.

We’re a but more blunt now. Become a bit more selective…Let them ease on and tell them what’s up. But at the same time tell them the beauty of their new life.

We started a problem, now we’re going to fix it.

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Here is the problem I think. You believe the only way to fix this ‘problem’ is by destroying the Valkyrie I believe there is another route.

Firstly be honest in your ‘recruitment’, give pilots the option to work for you, return to oblivion, or a third option. Allow them to move on to work for capsuleers as fighter pilots. I guarantee we would welcome them with open arms. We also have the funds and moral ambiguity to make this a profitable endeavour for all concerned.

Your war with the Valkyrie is a pointless waste of resources on both sides.