Unfair advantage to Gallente in FW over Intaki storyline

It occurred to me, that after Intaki storyline Gallente now have low-sec FW agents that are out of the warzone and thus untouchable by occupancy mechanics. One of them, in Uphallant is even in system that would not qualify as frontline system.

Why has this been made and are there any plans to rectify this issue? Otherwise it is yet another stealth boost to Gallente FW that CCP has done over the years at the expense of Caldari FW.

I would also like to point out that Caldari only has a single low-sec (Nikkishina) agent that would qualify as frontline system thanks a high-sec connection while Gallente have five (Intaki, Ostingele, Fliet, Covryn & Ouelletta)

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because running FW missions is for maggots and i cry for years for them to be removed
just pretend they doesn’t exist
happiness follow

btw i would worry more about the caldari militia being formed by disgusting awoxers
they are the worst and deserve their faith

Because Gallente Master Race that’s why. :wink:


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