Unfair punishment

Dear friends, I would like to share my experience and hope to get a positive reply from CCP in time
I came to Tranquility last May, I topped up to get a big whale, then started my EVE career
Every day I saved up the ISK I got from the mines I dug and when I had enough to buy a new ISK, I would build a new character
I had a lot of accounts and became a famous miner in the company. During this period, if someone told me that I needed a certain amount of ISK to start, I would also give it to him. After all, I had a big one
Mine team, this ISK I have nothing but hope more new people survive, I love this game.
I tried super cap builder which I had never played before and bought land to rent from ISK. I rent systems then I lost them after a week.
I don’t hate him. That’s how EVE works. I’m such an idiot.
And then the recent 00 black lights event started a disaster for me, and I couldn’t predict whether there was a threat around me, and the losses in just a few days exceeded the losses I had in the previous year,
I do not want to give up, I still deposited my game card on time, because our company has entered a very dangerous period, TSET is attacking us, we need the mine to make combat readiness. In the first month during the dark light, the money I deposited in my card is not proportional with mines I dug, but I deposited the card the next month with no hesitation, I know I would have losses, but I still deposited money every time, because I don’t want to lose, I love this big family members, they helped me many times this year. After the meeting, the company was told that we could go to the site of friendly army PH to produce together. It takes some time to prepare and we will be informed when we go. Meanwhile, I contacted friends in the Chinese server.
They told me they disappointed with the Chinese server, they want to change the game to play, I immediately told them to Tranquility, they told me they didn’t know how to charge money, there is no initial funding, no skills, language and so on, and I know if they really turned to play other games, it will be hard for them to return to EVE and I just hope they can come and recreate our glory. The next day they told me that the first group of about 40 people came to me and said, “am I stressed?” I told him no problem I will be ready only if they have got the things they need, and it is hard for 00 to go into the black light to produce, I also stopped production to wait for command to the transfer, and then make a commitment to help them come into the Tranquility and teach them to discuss how to download the accelerator suit new ships what is how to survive the company organizational system, don’t hang the wrong skills. If some not friend doesn’t have dollars, I will give him a month Omega time, the company to develop part I will present to the company need to buy things, had some good friends I will also give more supplies to help them grow. One of them bought a Titan account and Titan, and one of them bought a nyx, but they could not adapt to the Tranquility and soon all fell away. However, we did not make any noise, because we are friends and we all love this game, but we did not know the rules of tranquility, so we paid the price.
The final move day came, I move for more than an hour earlier in order to be barely keep up with the speed of large forces, but mistakes left me a man on the way I am forced to total line, continues to move up enough to tell me two days on-line, but FC made mistakes again, I am discontent about FC and no longer wait for company protect myself a person walk, paid the price, I soon, all my flagships were tackled, I immediately inform the FC, he also made very fast reaction ,but all my flagships were destroyed, loss in about 40 to 50b, I told the FC about my lost he said I don’t have to fill that loss is very big, I was very grateful to the brothers, don’t let me down, I quickly lost my flagship complement good, ready to resume production, but I found that I was banned all accounts and the reason is that use bots or macros. Yes, all the Numbers obtained through more than a year’s efforts were banned, and I couldn’t sleep that night. I immediately contacted the GM but didn’t get any reply, I have time I will be back to where I violated the rules, finally I want to make a new one, because the command two turnovers let anger that I have been in danger, I chose to go ranging from his own company, the Titan (Titan in the absence of protection project I too dangerous), but I have all the number of a stargate need 4 minutes, and I nearly 30 from where I’m going to warp, that is how a amazing operation, So I choose to use an illegal software to modify the bulk of the role of automatic navigation jump 15 km set to 0 km (I was in for this move their deep remorse, I am willing to accept punishment), but all my flagship, merchant number, manufacturing date did not use any illegal software, banned the innocent is not fair, I love this game so I always follow the rules for EVE, more than 1 year of efforts. Just because I was blinded by anger and did something wrong, I should not save all my efforts for more than a year, which was unfair to me. It made me lose my trust to those friends who just came here, and I promised them that we would face all difficulties and challenges together.
I used illegal software to modify the game parameters, and I accept the punishment for those who were banned. However, those accounts I came to manually are innocent, and they did not violate any rules. Please GM take my message into consideration.

I believe that the punishment should stay with those accounts who had been confirmed using macro. Expanding the punishment on innocent accounts is nonsense.

In b4 lock

Well done CCP. Nice to see that proper follow up was done to catch the primary accounts as well.


Good Job CCP !


Do the crime, pay the time.

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Nonsense - accounts can’t cheat, it’s the account owner that cheats - so it’s the account owner that got banned. The fact that he had some other accounts that hadn’t been used for cheating (or hadn’t been detected doing so…) has nothing to do with it - the individual concerned is a self-confessed cheat, and therefore has no place in Eve in any capacity.


Anger makes people lose their senses, and his offending account has been given the punishment he deserves. From the process of growing up new people, I also got the help of many old players. I believe his love of this game and his willingness to use his account correctly.I hope that CCP can give him the opportunity if his actions have not had a major impact… I believe that he will continue to love this game in the future and be able to use his account correctly.

It’s nice that CCP actually investigated and banned all accounts of this cheater and not just the ones that got caught.


Even if that was unfair you are abusing rules now. Actions taken by GM’s aren’t part of public discussion.

Send another ticket or write at support@eveonline.com So other member of staff will take look.

By bringing it here you just going to look bad and get ISD onto you.

You reap what you sow.


No, its the computer that cheats.

If you used the same computer to run these accounts, and the program is in the computer, and running with one account, but not the other, then its still running in the background. Therefore it affects all the accounts on that computer.

Problem is, how do you prove that you didnt use the macro on other accounts? Not even once? Not by accident?

Answer: You cant. Therefore they banned it all.

Dont do the crime and dont risk the account if you cant do the time.

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Are you a friend of his or something. Your slightly weird english and the fact that this is your first post ever on the forums, makes me think its either his friend or his alt.

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This is not a RMT case, I think the punishment should stay within those accounts who had been confirmed using macro.

go back 2 serenity


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