Universe is dying

According to this science article universe is dying.


The universe was basically dead on launch, sure it got some exciting reviews. But all in all it’s just a whole lot of empty. Perhaps if Elon Chan picked it up, then we might see some action.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.


What about the previous and next Aeons? There is a thing originating in theorethical physics now that doesnt treat big bang as beginning and expansion of our universe as the end, but as one and the same thing. Like when world turns a circle by constantly expanding til it “doesnt know” how big it is and then it can be treated as big bang. :smirk:


Can you be more specific? This sounds familiar to the time when they speculated if the universe will eventually slow down the expansion, accelerate or stop, based on the mass present in the universe. I think the evidence so far points to that it will expand forever.

Yes, that new conception is about forever expanding universe. But at some point the scale of expansion means that universe will come to a point otherwise know as big bang. Because big bang was explosion, so very fast expansion, essentially what our universe is going to do, eheheehhehe. I am not trolling. :joy:

Its more problem of scale and how particles and physics work in such expanding universe.

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