Expanding Universe

As with the real Universe why does eve not expand? I fell its because it would eventually make the light year distance unjumpable ,but if the systems distance slowly changed in an ever moving pulse of the map it would create content when groups were no longer out of jump range or over time found themselves creep out of range .Giving them to comfort to grow for awhile.Groups would be less dug in and at times and would need to adapt and change as the map changed. Distances changing could allow groups to attempt to predict whether or not new changes were a good time attack?Also logistics routs would need to change and maybe even leave groups completely isolated other than normal gates and wormholes for a period.

Because over the timeframe of EVE it’s imperceptible at the scale of EVE?
For reference alpha centuri does 0.1ly every 2000 years if I have the right information

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Why would this make the game more fun to play?

It’s a great idea. Make the universe, where planets and moons do not move around their suns and are without substance, so can you fly through them, expand.:grin::grin::grin:

Well the fact that the universe would slowly change over time would cause people to have to adapt and not just assume everything was safe because my umbrella can reach there. There is always a workaround but it could bring content as groups had to change routines. Groups slowly getting pinched off become more vulnerable and ripe for attack, supply routes having change exposes large amounts of assets to attack. Adapt or Die

From a science perspective, the universe is ever expanding, and the distance between galaxy clusters is growing. At smaller scales, the force of gravity is able to overcome the repulsive force of dark energy, and keep things together. In fact, the milky way and Andromeda galaxies are eventually going to collide to form a super galaxy called Milkdromeda.

From a gameplay perspective, the nullbloc empires already have enough security, and don’t need any more. It would just discourage fights and ultimately result in a static sov landscape.

That being said, I do like the idea of a changing universe, but I’m not exactly sure how exactly to implement that.

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