Unrolled Wormholes go EoL at Same Time

I spend a lot of time scanning and traveling J-space chains. Often I notice that many wormholes are EoL simultaneously. In the past I have written it off to coincidence, but it’s starting to get annoying. I am living out of a shattered C13 now and am consistently finding the holes EoL at the same time.

It appears the wormholes are initialized on either downtime or patch. If they are not rolled, they have the same age and will expire around the same time, even with the variance. There’s 50% chance the holes error in the same direction (+ or - vs. average). If they deviate in opposite directions, there’s a 25% chance they will correct in the next iteration (one + then -, the other - then +). Given the EoL window, the result is many holes that are not rolled will continue to be on the same cycle until all holes are reset.

This is more evident in a C13 where no one is rolling holes because the max jump mass is tiny compared to the max stable mass and regeneration. It’s a pain in the ass to be timing a bunch of holes, having to take chances with EoL because they’re all EoL. It is most punishing for players that play around 00:00 because the 16h holes will start becoming EoL around that time, though they will slowly drift towards earlier hours after several iteration. However, by the time they have drifted far enough, they are reinitialized again and get pushed back to the original 16h after downtime.

Wormholes need to be given a random starting lifetime when they come back from the server event that causes the to reset. (I don’t mean when they respawn after a previous wormhole collapses)


Yes, it smells bad in the ship because I do not change ship or take a clone vat bath.

this ■■■■ sucks. all 3 statics EoL together every day.

I was in w-space early on and just recently came back and this seems to have changed but not sure how long back. I notice the same thing. Somehow downtime seems to reset the wormholes which syncs them up.

This is especially visible on systems like Their where you have a huga amount of wormholes and the 4 static highsec are almost always eol at the same time. This could never be the case if there wasn’t something syncing then up.

Should report the bug to CCP.

I see a hole in your theory.

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