Unstable Abyssal Depths Claims It's First 1 Trillion ISK

Ship and pod losses due to “Unstable Abyssal Depths” have just reached the 1 Trillion ISK mark in only 5 days. This isn’t counting losses due to being killed by a Triglavian or Drifter NPC in the Abyss, or getting ganked upon exiting the Abyss, which accounts for many more billions of ISK in loss…

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I found out also there is this statistic below. But I dont know how its working really to killmail.

Here its nearly 1,5T.

Those statistics are somewhat inaccurate… 1786 ships destroyed yet only 1516 pods, how could the collapse of the Abyssal space pocket fail to destroy more than 250 pods!?

It’s easy… CCP. :woman_shrugging:

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Probably some kills are not shown. I have seen that before. I dont think its CCP, rather something with the site and how it gathers data.

well yea it’s zkill so people have to have a personal or corp API on zkill for it to fetch most kills, you can manually add kills too if you copy/paste the kill link into zkill.

My API isn’t in the system so (almost) none of my NPC losses are on there. Most of my player losses are there as those players have their API in the system, but it’s still missing some. Pretty similar with my kills,

That said looking forward to some official numbers as I’m sure zkill is missing a bunch of losses.

With CCP reimbursement rates at 80% we still have a long way to go before ‘‘1 Trillion isk is killed’’.

Downtime will have seen some pods saved from destroyed ships.

I’m fairly certain the reimbursement rates for Abyssal-related incidents is far less than 80%…

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I see no reason or cause to believe that Abyssal reimbursements would differ from K or W space.

One thing is for certain: the reimbursement rate for bricked Faction, Deadspace and Officer modules is zero.

I hope so… but you know CCP.

Those are PVE records. It’s very possible that not all destroyed ships and pods are on that board. I believe, the overall destruction there can pass 2T ISK.

I want to see an accurate report by CCP about Abyss, monthly one or that one at EVE Vegas or something.

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